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How to Grow Your Blog Through Video Marketing

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One of the most effective ways to grow your blog is to use video marketing. To understand how, here are some helpful video marketing statistics that showcase its efficacy.

  • Video content can improve organic traffic by up to 157%
  • 45% of people watch at least an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week
  • More than 50% of marketers believe that video can increase brand awareness
  • People stay on a website 2.6 times longer when there’s video content.

These statistics point to how powerful video marketing can be to increase your blog readership. You’ll be able to boost traffic, get more engagement, and boost conversions. Here are some easy ways you can use video marketing to help your blog become more successful.

Establish Clear Goals

It’s essential to start by setting up goals for your video marketing. Without goals, you won’t know if your video content is giving results. Your goals will also help you determine the type of content you need to create and where to distribute it.

Let’s look at some helpful goals you can create that will guide your video marketing strategies.

  • Providing your audience with helpful product and domain information
  • Boosting engagement on your blog
  • Driving more traffic to your blog from other platforms
  • Getting more subscribers
  • Building your membership site platform, such as an online course or a brand community by boosting membership

There are several more goals you can choose from to guide your video marketing. What’s important is to prioritize the right goal that will help you grow your business. Setting a goal will affect how you create content and what you do with it.

Provide Helpful Information and Trigger Emotions

Video content isn’t engaging simply because of its dynamic aspect. Moving visual content and sounds are engaging by nature, but you need to have good content to help your blog grow.

When making content it’s important to do two things:

  • Provide helpful information
  • Make it entertaining and create emotions such as excitement, happiness, concern, etc.

Marketers often leverage the Fear of Missing Out or FOMO as a way to boost conversions in a specific time frame. You can also create educational content that brings people to your site to help answer their questions.

Here are some of the different types of video content that will help you increase signups and conversions on your blog.

Product videos: A product video will help users on how to use your products correctly. You can create product demonstrations videos and answer questions on how to use it.

Tutorials: You can show your audience different ways they can use your product with tutorials. It’s a great way to talk about a product or service indirectly and to highlight different features.

How-tos: A how-to video shows people how to resolve common problems. They are extremely popular and work well on social media.

Webinars: A webinar is a powerful way to engage with your audience. It gives you a chance to speak to them live. One helpful way to leverage a webinar is to offer a one-time massive discount to on-the-spot buyers or subscribers. You can also repurpose your webinar recording as an automated webinar and offer it as a bonus material for your site members..

Live Streams: Live streams are different from webinars since they often take place on a social media platform. Whereas you need to use use a conferencing tool to host a webinar. Live streams are a good option since most people have social media and there’s little set up required.

Listicles: Although the name isn’t appealing, the content often is. It’s a way to give users interesting information in a list form with a voice-over. The key is to make it short, interesting, and to focus on a short set of facts.

User-generated-content: Your audience is creating content online all the time. It’s often free and you can use it on your own blog with their permission. It gives you a way to engage your audience and build trust at the same time. People are more likely to believe in peer-made content over branded communication. Leverage this type of content to showcase social proof on your blog.

Create different types of content to create variety. You’ll induce users to visit your blog and it can also help you rank well on search engines.

Reach Out to Audiences on Other Platforms

In the introduction, we saw that people watch videos on social media and platforms like YouTube a great deal.

It’s important to create video content for platforms other than your blog. You can link your blog to your video profiles and also direct viewers to visit your blog.

A great example of this is when a food blogger creates a baking tutorial on YouTube but sends people to their blog to get details on quantities.

Use other platforms to send more traffic to your blog

It’s important to build your presence on as many relevant platforms as possible. You can send traffic and increase subscribers by reaching out to people on other places who might never visit your blog otherwise.

Use Analytics to Drive Content

When creating videos, you’re more likely to get more engagement by making content people want to see. You need to install analytics on your blog and use other helpful tools to create good video content.

If your blog supports a product, then you can use your CRM software to understand what your users need. You can also work with content curation tools that will show you the best type of content for different platforms.

Take Away

Video marketing is a must for any business today. Mobile phones are now widely used, which means that people prefer to view videos over reading a lengthy piece of text.

Video content can help simplify your communication with people and it’s also a way to create a persona that your audience can relate to. By adding a voice, a casual way of speaking, and even giving your brand a face, you can make your brand more relatable.

Give your video content a face and a casual tone to make it relatable

It’s clear that video marketing can do a lot to help your blog grow. You can follow the tips outlined in this post and help boost traffic and grow your subscribers on your blog.

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