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Bloggers That Have Contributed Substantially to the World of SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically a process of making changes in your site design, content and other things. Therefore, using SEO services for your website will help you in achieving good success in your business. Furthermore, it will become easy for your site or blog to reach on the list of top best. So, what do you mean by blog?

A blog is basically a website that is used to pass on information to the people. We can also say that this is a discussion page that is published on the World Wide Web. Ergo, there are thousands of blogs on the internet that are being referred by the people for gaining knowledge.

In the period of modernization, blogs are gaining more and more popular because people believe that the content provided on the web is more appropriate than books and other sources. Additionally, the blogs that are achieving more popularity these days are technology blogs because people are much more concerned with this topic. Furthermore, everyone is interested in attaining more and more information about technology. So, this was a basic detail about the blog. Now, we are going to tell you about the top-best bloggers that have contributed a lot in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are interested then, have a look down below:

  1. BUSINESS INSIDER: According to a survey, “Business Insider” is one of the top-ranked blogs that people use to gain knowledge. Business Insider is an American financial and news blog that was launched in early 2009 in New York. Therefore, Henery Blodget is the main editor of this blog and he is the one who has contributed to make this blog the best. In addition, there are millions and billions of subscribers of this blog. Business Insider has also become popular on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media apps. If you are a person searching for best blogs, then this is one of the best blogs offering information on different sought of things.
  2. THE VERGE: “The Verge” is again considered to be one of the best blogs that you can refer to boost your knowledge and thoughts. The Verge is an American technology website, owned by Vox Media. After huge research, we came to know that this blog was launched in 2011 and has won around 5 awards for best writings to know. Hence, the best part of this blog is that it is the second most subscribed blogs all over the world.
  • Refer to this blog, if you are interested in technology facts, tips, tricks, updates about new devices and many more. You can also visit Instagram and Facebook pages to get regular updates about this blog.
  1. TECH CRUNCH: This is the best-known tech blog in India for technology and holds the third rank for best blogs all over the world. Ergo, “Tech Crunch” was found in 2005 and the headquarters of this blog is in the US (United States), Bay Area. Now, we will talk about the things covered by this blog. This is a blog that covers technology news, analysis of emerging trends in technology, tips, tricks and many more. Hence, it is having around 1.2 M followers on Instagram, 10.1M on Twitter and around 20M on Facebook.
  • If you are a person who loves to browse about technology then we will recommend you this blog. Because it is totally based on the information relating to tech. You can also refer to “Future with Tech” because it provides all the basic and important information regarding technology and its aspects. Go and check this top tech blogs in India, if you want to know in detail about the information and things provided by “Future with Tech”.
  1. CNET: CNET holds the fourth rank and is considered to be the best blog for technology. This is again an American website that publishes all about the reviews, news, articles, podcasts related to tech. CNET was a blog launched in 1994 and the owner of this site is CBS Interactive. CNET was a blog basically created by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie. If you are finding a blog to readout technology, then this can make a perfect combination for your needs.
  2. WIRED: Wired is again a blog that people use to read about technology and its facts. This was a blog founded in 1993 and is owned by Conde Nest. Therefore, the headquarters is in San Francisco. This can be the perfect blog for technology lovers because the prime focus of this blog is on how emerging technologies affect culture, economy, and even politics. Hence, the best part is that the website is having depth coverage of current and future advancements in technology. Refer to the site if you want to know in detail about the topics covered.
  3. ENGADGET: Engadget can be considered to be a home for technology news, reviews. This is a blog that produces all the basic and important information about technology. One of the best parts is that it produces the internet’s most compelling videos, reviews, features, and breaking news as well. Hence, the subscribe rate is also high in this best tech blog in India. Interested ones can go and refer to this site.
  4. GEEK WIRE: Seventh top-best blog that people can use to know about technology in detail. It was started in 2011 and now at around millions of subscribers. All the important topics are covered such as aspects of technologies, tips and tricks of technologies, new devices, and updates on the latest technology are the things covered by this blog. All those people who are thinking to make a blog on technology can refer to this site because it will provide you information on all the important things needed to make the tech blog best.
  5. HACKER NOON: This is again one of the best blogs and covers a wide range of topics. Some of the topics covered are development and programming, cryptocurrency, blockchain and many more. Therefore, language is also simple and easy. So, if you are interested in tech blogs then this is the perfect one for you.
  6. GIZMODO: This is a blog that was originally launched as a part of the Gawker Media Network. This is a blog that basically covers science, science fiction, technology, design, and many other things. People can get lots of ideas if they are thinking to make their own site or blog. Just go through the site and you will get all the necessary information needed by you.
  7. ZDNET: ZDNET is again a blog that provides good information to the people about different technologies. This was a blog founded in 1991 and provides news, analysis, the latest research on IT trends and many more. So, if you are interested in blog making then you should refer to this site once.

These are the top-ranked ten technology blogs India that people can refer to for boosting up their skills and knowledge.

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