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8 Reasons Why Podcasting is the New Blogging

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Introduction: Is Podcasting the New Avatar of Blogging?

In recent years the web 2.0 applications especially, blogs, podcasts, and wikis have been increasingly adopted in various working fields, be it education, health, media, business enterprises. It has already helped students in medical schools, through recording lectures and textbook content.

Podcasts have been an extensive popular social media tool utilized in creating content that will help to grab the attention of the audience. Moreover, with the expansion of advance ideations, the United States podcasts have become a part of mainstream communication. Consumers are finding podcasts as an exclusive self curate content that enhances the decoder to get intimate with the context.

Content consumers are proliferating to podcasts in search of fresh brewed content

Moreover, people find podcasts less distracting as compared to Television and Radio. According to Google, trends suggest that podcasts are the second most popular query that is generally searched in Google. On the other hand, podcasts rank number one in terms of delivering content to consumers. Google has started to invest in podcasts through promotions, the recently released podcast app by Google. It is integrated with Google AI that helps to discover new podcasts easily.

Reasons Why Podcasts Are the New Blogs

We all live in a world of convenience and information technology, and people demand content with easy understandings. In a recent research study, approximately 41% of millennials have opted out that they won’t read long content. Below, there are few reasons why podcasts can take over good content blogging.

Reason 1: Perfect access to media

Podcasts have been offering a lot of conveniences, variety, and prompt accessibility to consumers. You can listen to your favorite content while walking, gyming, driving, or spending alone time. Podcasts will not log behind with the growth of media outlets like Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes because convenience isn’t an option but a necessity.

Reason 2: Growth of new scope

Initially, when podcasts first emerged, there were limited scope opportunities. It started as a standard talk show, and the chat session about any topic in hand, but gone are those days. With the influx of modern technology podcasts styling have also been advanced, podcasts are now inviting guests or rotating panels with different personalities. This has helped to broaden the existence of the scope of the audience.

Reason 3: Rise of Smartphones

What podcasts mean in Smartphones? Well, people nowadays are more likely to consume media on the go, that means with the portable device you can listen to the podcast content very easily. In research conducted by Edison, 36% of Americans have listened to podcasts in the year 2016 with a penetration of 64% through a mobile device.

Reason 4: Creating deeper bonds with audiences

TVCs spots or Instagram ads are nice, but if a company wants to disseminate a larger message, podcasts help to tell a story that can be backed with multiple episodes of recurring voices and characters. These podcast commercials help to move the targeted audience and create a good bonding.

Reason 5: Podcasts are for every niche

Podcasts are now accessible for everyone, aging from 3 years to a 73-year-old. There is an end number of podcast applications available in the market. Through podcasts, business enterprises can create content visibly different from others. It is much more customizable.

Reason 6: Growth of podcast listeners

With an estimation of 73 million American podcast listeners each month, about 26% of them are aged 12+. In an AC Nielsen annual report, it shows that young podcast listeners are more energetic and eagerly wait for relevant content that helps in their studies, which means using podcast Technology College students are getting benefited as they are getting engaged with learning materials in affordable working spaces with desirable outcomes.

Reason 7: Emerging technological support

In the upcoming years with more development in the technologies, there will be zero effort used in listening. Podcasts blogging has been loaded with personalized communication technologies that are booming in the market. Virtual assistants like Xbox, Siri, and Alexa are those devices that are going to alleviate podcast communication more profoundly.

Reason 8: Advertisers and brands are looking for possibilities in podcasting

In the United States, podcasts revenue is estimated at around $220 trillion, recorded in 2017, reports from the study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Therefore big brands and advertisers are looking for opportunities that adhere to podcasts blogging.

Podcast blogging revenue

➔ According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, by 2020, podcast business revenue is going to reach an estimation of about $659 million, triple than that of 2017.

➔ Mobile advertising has also seen increase growth rates that estimate: Audio 36% hike results to $1.2 billion, Video 56% increasing to $6.2 billion, Search 31% with increased revenue of $22.1 billion, Banner 35% with a steep increase of 18.4 billion.

➔ Lucrative podcasts niches account for more than 50% of the revenue cycle: Business podcast blogs 11%, Technology podcast blogs 15%, News blogs 13%, and Entertainment podcast blogs 17%, approximately.

Future of Podcast Blogging

The golden era of podcasting has now just begun; the huge emergence of opportunities in podcasting has resulted in sponsorships, brand extension, live events, and subscriptions. Podcasting is immensely growing at a fast pace and becoming more competitive. Podcasts have been increasingly in an upward phrase compared with the traditional mundane blogs. Keeping a huge relevance with spoken words, podcasting proves to stand out unique in terms of content creation, through podcasting various content can execute in a very different manner, this flexibility in content creation will help in targeting consumers easily. As a result, podcast blogging will be consistently emerging as a prospect for business enterprises and other institutions.

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