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Top Guest Posting Trends in 2020

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If your client is asking for guest posts to drive quality traffic, it is one thing that you must pay heed to right away. It would help in the client’s SEO efforts. Only an SEO professional can understand how important guest posting is today.  With quality guest posts, you can improve SEO too with regard to traffic and building brand awareness.

The common custom observed amongst people around the globe is, they like to look and search on the web and not read books to access some quick information. Abundant info is easily obtainable on Google and therefore, people like to research online than resort to books. Then, reading books is important too.

Today, SEO professionals know how to drive traffic to your website through guest posts. Making the most out of the fact that people like the web compared to books, SEO professionals provide loads of information to web users and drive quality traffic to the websites. It simply acts as managing traffic on the roads via traffic signals and bringing the same to your business for increased sales. Guest posting is that tactic to drive traffic to your business website.

According to an article published on, you can achieve success through guest blogging provided your content is the best. Therefore, read this article to learn about some of the top guest blogging trends in 2020.


A simple visual could explain a long story in a short way. The audience need not read a 5000-word document if they have the right images and short texts supporting the visual to explain the entire story. What about including some information in that image itself? Yes, just like the school days when you had similar info in a paragraph and in a labeled drawing or illustration. The picture is simple to understand. That is because a diagram is more interesting as well as informative than chunks of text.

Today, it is the trend of infographics and the trend will continue in 2020 and beyond. You will see many guest posts with attractive infographics that drive quality traffic to your website.

Long-form 1000-1500 words posts

Though visuals are essential, it does not mean long-form content has lost its importance. Let us explain this point with an example. Say, for instance, you have only a video to explain a topic. You will need to watch the video carefully and write an informative post to explain that video to your targeted audience. No matter what, guest posts of 1000-1500 words are still read and liked by people provided the posts integrate info beneficial to offer to the audience.

Video content

The latest trend is that people like to watch a short video or two if they are looking for some information. They would prefer a video compared to a 3000-word post, which is time-consuming. People always like something that is easily understandable in less time. Therefore, you can create video guest posts to explain a technical product. That is the reason why YouTube videos are so popular. If you would like to know about guest posting and driving traffic, you can consult with an Online SEO Company near you.


As far as a podcast is concerned, it is simply an audio content that has its individual importance. Though people prefer text-based or video blogs, podcasts are gaining prominence these days. Let us explain this point with the help of a suitable example. For instance, you have a startup business and want to introduce your new employees to clients; an audio podcast with their brief introduction will let clients understand your talent pool of resources.

Guest posting for building industry connections

It has for all this time been quite hard to converse with influencers in the industry. Nonetheless, you can start guest posting to build important connections with influencers in your niche industry.

Many websites that acknowledge guest posts prefer to work with a group of people like writers, editors, as well as contributors associated with related niches. In numerous situations, you will be capable of connecting and interacting with the industry experts that would ultimately help you improve your SEO game and drive quality website traffic in 2020 and beyond.

The process is simple and straightforward. You can try this tactic in the days to come. All you need to do is remain active in the related communities, offer feedback, share quality content, and receive feedback. Such efforts will never go down the drain. Moreover, you will benefit in the form of partnership requests and special work offers.

Building your portfolio

When guest posting is the trend in 2020 and beyond and you like to write, marketers are now hiring seasoned content creators with a rock-solid portfolio write guest posts. A job calls for knowledge, experience, and patience to read loads of online literature. Therefore, a guest post with a powerful writer portfolio will make readers read the content. It will help in attracting likes, comments, and social shares for the guest posts.

It is not difficult to create a writer portfolio to make your mark in the industry. There are fairly no obstructions to gain entry and all good writers can contribute to your guest post section.

Then, the standards for guest posting are very high. Yes, there are extremely high parameters set by Google algorithms though for a guest post to rank top in the search results. The majority of popular blogs understand this fact and they would churn out the content accordingly. Remember that there is no place for amateurish writing when it comes to guest posts.

The best way is collaborating with authority blogs, which have the possibility to grow big and ascertain their authority in the days to come. More your blogs are read and shared, more traffic guest-post content receives. You will be referenced if you succeed to become an authority in your niche industry. Quality guest posts translate to increased recommendations. Your content will speak for your brand and drive traffic. Churning out content for diverse, unique topics would show that your brand is versatile, reliable, and innovative. It will benefit your SEO efforts.


Guest post trends keep changing. Focus on the 2020 trends to attract users to your posts and drive adequate traffic to your business website.

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