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8 Steps You Can Take to Become a Better Blogger

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It is familiar to all that Blogging has become one of the most popular modes to communicate and share information with people. Blogging is indeed a great way to express yourself to people through writings. It is important that you maintain your blogging site in order to increase your brand awareness and to attract more visitors. Moreover, make your content engaging and more accessible to understand. So make a habit of writing and post blogs frequently.

You ought to attempt to get in the practice of writing blog articles most days. I don’t feel your writing will improve considerably by writing a couple of brief 500-word blog posts weekly.

You need to write regularly and achieve a stage where writing becomes second nature.

Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger

  1. Commitment

“Commitment Is the Key to Success”

In any field, commitment is what matters the most as success or failure of an organization highly depends on the effort and motivation that an individual sets on his work. The extent to which you will engage yourself in your work will have a great impact on your organization.

You have already started exploring new directions if you have decided to commit yourself to a particular field.

So before you commence your journey as a blogger, make sure that you commit yourself to what you are going to be known for in the future.

  1. Research

For this, you will have to brainstorm lists to identify your subject of interest. Start asking questions to yourself once you have decided on a blog topic and then start thinking about what you would like to generate for your target audiences.

Make use of proper tools to keep people engaged in your blogs. It is necessary that you validate your ideas as people actually care about what you want to convey them through your writings.

  1. Writing Skills

Although every work or profession needs to be disciplined as a blogger when you work from home or cafes, discipline is your best friend. It should divide into writing posts, commenting on other blogs and social networking promotions.

If you aren’t posting content regularly on your blog, You will lose your readers. Post blogs on your page regularly or else your readers will lose interest in your blog.

  1. Give Your Best

When you decide to write about a particular topic, make sure that you create keyword-rich content as that is what will help you to rank in the search engines. Make sure that you post once every 2 to 3 days as it will help you to build authority in a niche.

While writing, ensure that you write something based on the primary interests of your audiences. Also, interact with your target audience as it will help your blog page to reach its desired position.

  1. Create Worthy Content

Firstly, provide your audience with a range of content and then decide what kind of quality content your readers would like to read the most. Secondly, always ensure that you link your content to niche leaders in order to build SEO pertinence. Lastly, make sure that your content is original as Google penalizes those who duplicate content.

Moreover, to make your blog more appealing, you should always add reference images, data or infographics from other sites.

  1. Evaluate your Competition

First of all, determine the size of the market and promote your marketing strategies. The most important step in evaluating your competition is to identify who your competitors are.

For example, your competitors would be other tech blogs if you are running a tech blog. Your competitors might be leading tech websites such as TechCrunch. Moreover, you can simply search for top tech niche Blogs/Bloggers to identify your competitors.

  1. Increase Engagement

Everyone wants their content to rank in the search engines and for that, it is necessary that you keep your readers engaged which will ultimately help your audience grow. You should always focus on the quality of the content that you write in order to make it more engaging.

Always ensure that you make use of readable Google fonts such as Roboto, Montesserat, and Poppins. Also, don’t make your paragraph too long.

  1. Monetize Your Niche

If you want to generate income for your newly launched site, then affiliate sales will be the best option to choose from. This will be best for new bloggers as they don’t need to deal with customer service.

What is Affiliate marketing? It captures buyer intent keywords and has normal earnings per thousand visitors.

You can also monetize your blog by running display ads, offering Services and Paid Guest Posts


These were the 8 Little Steps that an individual should keep in mind to become a better blogger.

You don’t need specialization in any field to become a successful blogger as what really matters is your passion for writing.

So start thinking creatively and build a blogging breakthrough for yourself.

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