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Are you Exploiting Live Streaming Apps to Boost your Ecommerce Business?

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With 2.078 billion active social accounts, we’re apparently living in a social media age. No wonder, social media has also become one of the important contributors in the 

Here’s how to use the power of live streaming apps to boost your business.

Showcase your Products in Detail

Be it an old product or a newly launched one, a live streaming session is the perfect medium to showcase the in-depth features of a product. It need not necessarily be pitchy or salesy.  Build some fun around an event; especially when you’re launching a new product.

Also the multiple angles of a product along with the zoom in and zoom out feature, the contrast effects, or the sizes/colour availability can be explained in such a live streaming session. Not only this, customer’s queries related to products can also be answered through this app. Build an excitement and not hype.

Relay Live Events

Any event that is useful for your customers is also useful for your brand image. Broadcasting live events is not only to showcase your products but can also bring your offline events online. However, you do not have to limit this to events. Pieces of valuable info from seminars, conferences or concerts can also be broadcasted, if your audiences find it interesting.

Bring Customer Experiences in the Forefront

Invite a few of your most loyal customers and do a live streaming session with them. Allow them to speak for your products and services. This will help in convincing your potential customers when they see people enjoying and loving your products. You can also conduct a fun-filled Q&A session with your customers to break the ice and introduce more info about your business to them.

“Behind the Scene” Formula

The “behind the scene” formula is a great way to build trust through transparency. Once your customers get to see the inner-workings of what your eCommerce business does, they can instantly connect with you and your business. Let your customers see how your products are manufactured, or what your daily official tasks are. Stream your interaction with your customers and share their positive experiences with your brand. Involve your audience in your discussions. On some occasions, they might come up with brilliant ideas. This will certainly deepen customer loyalty.

Conduct Q & A Sessions

Allow your customers to ask questions about your products and services. Upgrade them with the latest technologies through your answers. The more you clarify their doubts or answer their questions the better is your relationship with them. Ensure that you echo and connect with your customers via the question and answer session. However, keep it light and also integrate some fun elements in the Q&A session that can relate to your eCommerce business. Besides all that, do not forget to ask for their feedback.

Host Creative Contests

While you launch a new product, conduct a contest and allow your customers to participate and win prizes. Test the knowledge they have about your products and their features. You may also learn about how they feel for your brand.  Don’t miss to see the happiness on your customer’s face while they receive the rewards. Such live streaming sessions can bring in tremendous popularity of your brand and help it grow in leaps and bounds. It will also broaden the general awareness people have about your products and services.

Personalize your Customer Service

Building a sense of importance that displays your commitment to satisfy their needs is crucial.  For instance, if you offer a “How to Tutorial” every week during your conversation with your customers, they can pull in a lot of useful information they might have required. You may also ask for their suggestions related to your product usage and enhance its productivity.

The most popular feature of the live streaming approach is its ability in highlighting how personal it can be. If fostering relationships and building customer loyalty is your business priority, it’s hard to imagine a more effective way to accomplish your goal than creating “Live Now” Tweets in your timeline.

2015 is turning out to be the Year of Live Stream

The graph below makes it obvious that live video streaming is here to stay


Source: Google Trends

Live streaming apps hold enormous promise and will be a game changer in the world of eCommerce marketing. Brands that have already started using live streaming video in their digital marketing efforts are definitely reaping utmost profits. It is the closest thing to sitting down next to someone and interacting with them. When you use an app like Periscope that enables you to “go live” through your mobile phones anytime and from anywhere, it automatically becomes your own “on the go” broadcasting station.

On the other hand, with Meerkat you can schedule your streams in advance and tweet that information to your followers. The engagement of a real conversation and the authenticity that comes with unedited, unscripted and real time discussions has no comparison.

As a busy entrepreneur you already have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest or YouTube, however, adding another channel to your busy marketing schedule will certainly bring in more prospects to boost your ROI.

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