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Apps That Make Life Easier for Digital Marketers

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The mobile app revolution is super useful to the modern marketer and can help them reap massive benefits from it. Tools and data are becoming available on the go with useful marketing software becoming increasingly available in app form. From more complex actions like tracking campaign metrics to those simpler ones like uploading blog posts, apps allow marketers to access information quickly and conveniently.

However, to actually succeed in digital marketing, you need to know which apps are the best to reply on. We’ve put together a list of the apps we find the most useful, hoping it’ll help you as much as it’s helped us.


Are you really surprised Facebook is at the top of the app list? No really. This network’s been building its reputation through really powerful business-ing so it’s only natural it will be the first point of reference for any digital marketer.

There are a few key aspects to a killer Facebook app install ad campaign and once you master each of them, you’ll end up saving a ton of time and money, not to mention frustration.

  • Laser focused targeting is what makes Facebook Ads powerful – get this right and watch your advertising returns soar
  • Visual stimuli – Interest your audience with a stunning video or image as this is the first thing people see. Make it count! Don’t apply the same strategies to all apps because you need diversity
  • Ensure awesome text – The next thing people do is read the ad title and body text so make sure you don’t just wow with the pic but disappoint with the content. Be short. Be informative. Be funny. Be appealing
  • Your non-keyword ASO should be amazing – Often neglected but very important, this feature should be one of your priorities; pay attention to “everything that a person sees on the app store page for your app. The icon, screenshots, title, app description, and average rating”
  • Test it! – Always test different images/videos, text and titles for your app install ads to find the best combination


While seemingly a teenage, time-consuming app – Snapchat is actually often used for business as it provides an insight into real-life events, right there and then when they are happening. It engages and excites the audiences which is why it’s getting more and more popular in the business world.

This is how to manipulate it in to your benefit:

  • Excite the audiences by providing them with access to live & behind-the-curtain events – for instance, “snapping” your colleagues getting ready for the annual firm party, or even better – things happening at the party; brainstorming on a project, a typical day at the office, etc
  • Deliver private content – For instance, fashion brands like Michael Kors “have used Snapchat to debut their collections to followers before they hit the runway”. Working on a new project? Snap a teaser of it!


Instagram is all about visual stimuli. What you need to do is:

  • Pay attention to lighting and detail and try to make your photos follow one and the same pattern. The most loved pic edit program is VSCO as everyone is going crazy over “polaroid” colors
  • Choose natural lighting over harsh artificial lighting
  • Don’t let your brand overshadow your content – keep it toned down
  • Minimal but smart text
  • Include link to your page in the description of picture, which just a little text

Google Maps

Register your firm in google maps so that your potential (and old) clients could find you. When you are not on google maps it’s like you don’t exist – business wise. The great thing about GMaps is that it doesn’t condition your business to anything – you can be a retailer online or the old fashion mogule who believes in person-to-person interactions and relying on word of mouth marketing/traffic, and you’ll still be trending on GMaps.

Once you register, apart from the basic info on your business like correct address and phone number, as well as a photo that a Google Street View car took while zooming past it, the info on your business can be upgraded – experts advise to first go to an option called Places for Business “which allows you to edit business listings found on Google Maps”. Everything that comes after are simply but awesome settings that are putting you right there on the map!


The case with all networks you want to use as platforms for your business development, choosing the right target audience is one of the keys to success. Same goes for Twitter.
Once you’ve established who your audience is and what you hope to achieve, you need to actually build your ad or ads.

Do that by:

  • Signing into the Twitter ads platform and insert your payment information and fill out all fields in a form
  • Choosing an objective from the list of six that are mentioned; they can correspond to four different ad formats: Native Video, Promoted Account, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends (all of these are pretty self-explanatory)
  • Twitter will provide you with an estimated audience size, so choose the targeting options you find are best for your business
  • Using the copy and media that you tested organically, build the actual ad
  • Set your budget
  • Track your performance. Twitter provides insight on: impressions, spend, link clicks, click rate, costs-per-click, conversions


You may have thought LinkedIn is for professional contacts only, but the good news is that not only you can make it a social network but you can as well get quality downloads for your app. Here’s how:

  • Build an image that will make you stand out in the crowd. Other than standing out, “you have to stay active and keep making regular updates about your app and say…your customers’ reviews and everything that you think will do justice to your app as a brand”
  • Use keywords that will help customers find your website but also those words your competition is using. To get a tremendous boost in organic traffic, search results and drive your downloads automatically include these keywords in all the descriptions you use on your site
  • Join LinkedIn groups related to your app and communicate with people that show in “people you may know”. These people may be your potential customers or even your potential partners – LinkedIn is full of industry insiders, CTOs, CEOs, CMOs, et al, so keep the objective in mind before connecting with them

Build own apps

Plenty of business, from small and medium-sized ones to advertising agencies are deciding on building their own apps as it’s proven far better than depending on some other platform.

Here’s why you should build an app and become one of the greatest:

  • You’ll be an important part of the smartphone revolution – Apps developed for smartphones function better than a mobile website, no matter how responsive; plus, smartphones are screaming for new apps… all the time!
  • You are still cool – If you build an app now while not everyone has it (but they will within a few years), it will set you apart from everyone else. Brochures, cards, etc – everyone has those… but not everyone has an app!
  • It’s an additional sales channel – Simple as that

We hope you’ll find the techniques and advice we’ve recommended for most effective managing of your Digital App marketing just as practical and useful as we hope you would. Good luck on your digital marketing journey and make sure you make good choices – because every new step counts!

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