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4 Powerful Shifts of AI in Digital Marketing

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The wind of artificial intelligence in business, is sweeping across all industries.

Of special consideration is the synergy between AI and digital marketing. AI is changing the way B2B digital marketers work and live.

According to Venture Harbour, 61 percent of B2B marketers say AI in digital marketing is the most important aspect of their data strategy. (Venture Harbour)

For good reason. Because to understand, foresee and accurately predict your customer’s behavior online. Digital marketers look no further than Predictive analytics. Which uses a variety of statistical AI techniques to analyze current and historical facts to make informed predictions about future events.

What this means is that marketers can accurately predict customer behavior with 90% pinpoint accuracy.

And with the growing awareness of the effectiveness of predictive analytics machines. A slew of digital marketers has begun taking advantage of it. But as with everything new, the adoption is still low.

If you are still in the process of adopting and deploying AI, or if you are tentative about it.

This post offers some of the benefits you stand to gain when your digital marketing is powered by artificially intelligent software.

AI-Based Marketing Automation

A few years ago, incorporating artificial intelligence in digital marketing was reluctant. But with the growth of AI, by 2020, customer insights-driven businesses will see $1.2 trillion more per year than their less-informed peers (Source: Forrester).

So, having an intelligent AI marketing automation tool on your side, which learns from each of its interactions with you and your customers, is a must. You can identify when and where you should deploy artificial intelligence.

Using data gleaned from several interactions across different customer touchpoints, AI tools for marketing automation can draw insights on the time for your digital marketers to email a prospect. It also suggests the exact wording of your message. Which would elicit a positive response from your prospect?

Thus it automates the correspondence between you and prospects in your sales funnel.

However, on the front-end, artificial intelligence can provide customers with personalized content, information, and products personalized to their needs. On the back-end, it gives digital marketers a better look at customer insights, behaviors and predicted challenges.

AI In Digital Marketing – Data Gathering and Analysis

In today’s AI-powered world, and as changes in technology occur in faster and shorter cycles.

It is imperative that you stay abreast with the current trajectory of AI marketing software trends to understand when and where you should deploy AI and Machine Learning. Predict where your strengths lie and deploy all your resources to take advantage of AI marketing automation solutions.

From social media interactions, instant messenger notifications, to speed-surfing the web.

One object has been on the increase, data.

Data is everywhere. It is the new oil. Your sessions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are forms of data.

We create 4 petabytes of data daily on Facebook.  Which is the equivalent of full HD 24/7 video recording for over 3.4 years.

The back-and-forth emails between a sales representative and a prospect are also forms of data. Because of this, data gathering, collation and analysis are booming businesses.

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AI-powered Predictive User-Marketing

Each time you surf the Internet, use an app or email you generate data.

This data can reveal a lot of insights about you. Your favorite restaurant. Favorite sports bar, a favorite drink, etc. It reveals information about the brands and content you enjoy interacting with. An example of such a tool is Emarsys.

So, next time you go online. Based on the insights drawn from your past interactions, the algorithm will show you what it “thinks” you’d like to see first.

This is very much at play on social media. Intelligent AI can provide a better customer experience than humans.

But contrary to popular opinion, data does not last forever. Out of date customer information will affect the quality of your AI models.

Constantly learning about your customers and real-time data update will keep your information fresh and relevant.

Content Creation Software

Digital marketing is a game of never-ending content creation. Marketers scramble to create better content which solves the problems or answers the questions a prospect may ask, even before they ask it.

But with the help of AI content creation tools, you can speed up this process. In a matter of seconds, AI can help you create certain types of content and formats of text-based content.

So, apart from the quick and easy means of producing written content with the help of artificial intelligence tools like Frase.

AI content creation software can also help you identify your best performing content and efficiently plan future content to take advantage of the metrics of several best performing content on your website by helping you solve unsolved business challenges.

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AI Content Curation Tools

B2B AI content marketers regularly share existing content from other sources to expand their brand reach, generate sales, and stay top-of-mind.

However, one consistent challenge with manual content curation is relevance. You ensure that curated content aligns with your overall branding message. The keyword here is relevance.

Another snag is adherence to applicable copyright laws.

Some sources you aggregate content from may let you do so freely. Others may not be so enthusiastic.

In such a scenario, what do you do?

Do you pray for better luck? Or do you leverage the power of artificial intelligence?

With AI content curation tools, the algorithm makes it easier for you to find content to syndicate.

Using machine learning algorithms similar to Google, they can draw insights into a content’s context, way beyond keyword relevance.

Artificial intelligence content curation tools help you streamline editing content to ensure that you present it accurately to your target audience.

An example of one such tool is Stackla – a cloud-based content marketing platform that helps you discover, curate, display and engage with user-generated content across all digital marketing platforms.

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AI Email Personalization Software

Besides content curation, AI can increase the productivity of your email personalization practices.

With clear data on audience needs, buyer behavior, and audience segmentation. You can send out dynamic email campaigns that are personalized at the granular level.

Where the subject line, and sometimes the content of your email is individually personalized.


Artificial intelligence goes beyond user personalization, email segmentation, and content creation. But these are relatively simple ways for anyone to get their feet wet. Before delving into the deeper end of AI software uses.

Use these tips if you are looking for a quick and easy adoption of ai in your digital marketing business.

Have you adopted AI in your marketing?

Please share your thoughts on your current AI adoption strategy in the comments below.

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