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9 Twitter Apps if You Want To Follow the Smart Money

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There is a business and investment strategy that has been making people rich and successful since civilization moved from a bartering economy to a currency economy: Follow the smart money.

This is why people hang on every word that drips from the lips of people like Warren Buffet, Chris Sacca and Mark Cuban. If we look at the bigger picture and don’t just focus on individuals, we study the general direction business is moving and determine if there is anything to be gained my aligning our business strategies with the trends.

This is why my interest was piqued a few days ago when I read that experts are predicting major

There was one more recent Twitter news item that could be a game changer: Twitter and Google have agreed on a way to bring Tweets into search results.

Considering the fact that we have all been ballyhooing mobile marketing for the last couple of years, the re-emergence of Twitter makes perfect sense. Twitter is perhaps the single social medial platform best positioned to take advantage of the mobile computing, local marketing revolution.

With this background, it is time to redouble your efforts on Twitter or get with the program if you’ve been ignoring this outlet. Further, one of Twitter’s strengths is in the third-party software available to help you create content, gain followers, organize, run, and quantify your campaigns. In other words, Twitter may be the easiest social media platform on which you can really be productive.


#1. Juice

Juice is a creation from the people at and is currently free in beta for iOS. (I don’t know how long the “free” thing will last, sorry.) Once a day it looks at your followers and suggests content to share based on their interests. You can send the content via the iOS share function to wherever is most convenient to you – straight to Twitter, to an app like Hootsuite or to a full-sized computer browser for closer inspection and scheduling.

#2. Swayy

Swayy is an online app similar to Juice. It analyzes your followers and suggests content. With your free account you get one dashboard. You can schedule using the dashboard, or open the suggested content in your browser and schedule with a different app, like the Hootsuite plugin that will automatically propagate your schedule with good optimized release times.

#3. Hootsuite Suggestions

This is a beta limited to Hootsuite pro subscribers. You can get a 30-day free pro trial, so it’s worth checking out. It seems to give you more content suggestions than Juice, but doesn’t actually analyze your followers. It finds content based on keywords you enter. However, when combined with Hootsuite’s ability to automatically time your posts for maximum impact, it is dynamite in the palm of your hand. Plus, you can be sitting in the stands at a sporting event or concert and a week’s worth of posts scheduled in a matter of minutes.

#4. Buzzsumo

The Buzzsumo service will give you the most shared content on any given topic or within any web domain. I just discovered that How To Grow Your Online Presence: Advice From 43 Experts is one of the most shared content on With free access you get a limited list of results. Sharing content that has proved its popularity is never a bad idea. You will also find influencers here so you can snoop on them and get more ideas for sharing.

Gain followers


I mentioned’s new app above, but I need to quickly explain how people use this service to bring new Twitter followers on board. is a daily online “newspaper” of your creating. You can use Twitter content as the source of your newspaper. A few Twitter users whose content gets used on any given day will discover their user names posted to your Twitter feed. They really like this and will often follow you. Although you won’t gain followers in droves overnight, it’s free and once it’s set up – which is very easy to do – you can forget about it.

#6. Tweetadder

The best way to grow your Twitter following is to target the right Twitter accounts, follow them, and hope they follow back. If they don’t follow back, then unfollow them. Tweetadder makes this easy, and it includes many other features as well, like automating “Thanks for following me” messages. If you know another user who has the same interests as you, Tweetadder allows you to download that person’s followers and follow them yourself. They will often follow you in return. You can also search by keywords, locations and other attributes. Local businesses might want to find Twitter users in their home towns, for example. There is a free one-month trial available with Tweetadder.

Daily control

#7. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck allows you to easily see your new followers, your mentions, posts scheduled via Tweetdeck, messages and more. It’s a tool for manually viewing things and doing things. It’s not an automation tool. Nonetheless it is quite useful when compared to staring at your “notifications” directly on Twitter. It’s owned and operated by Twitter now, so you know it will get the support required to keep it functional.

#8 & #9. Two ‘do-everything’ packages

Hootsuite and Buffer suggest content, schedule it and give you some analytics. Both are very powerful and fairly user friendly; both offer free and paid versions. Since my subject today is, technically, Twitter alone, I would give a nod to Buffer, at least in its free version. However, Hootsuite allows you to bring other social media streams on board and control them from the same interface. For example, if you also post to Facebook or LinkedIn, Hootsuite makes it very easy.

Social media professionals use several of these at the same time. You might find that one of two suit your purposes well and that would simplify your life. If you get serious about following the smart money and truly milking Twitter for all it’s worth, you’ll probably find that subscribing to at least one paid service – and probably two – will be a good investment. Consider subscribing to Tweetadder and either Hootsuite or Buffer. By taking advantage of free introductory months, you should be able to find the ideal combination.

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