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9 Benefits of Having QR Codes in Product Labels

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Quick Response (QR) codes are increasingly popping up in product labels. They are a new way to display the barcode, and each of them has a distinct look. Each conveys more than what you can see. In case of space limitations on your product label, these codes make a great way to convey what you want to, to your customers.

QR codes are a great tool for brand engagement. In its unique design, each contains a link to the page of a website. This website page may provide some information about your service or product, or may include a sign up form.

What makes QR codes special is that you don’t need a special scanner for reading them. All you need is a smartphone for deciphering the code. This is the point that has made QR codes so popular on product labels. With QR codes, consumers don’t need to remember the website mentioned on the label for them to visit, or a contest mentioned for them to enter. They can pull up the code on their phone, and take the action right there. This lets consumers engage with your brand with far more immediacy than before.

Well, this might have helped you realize that QR codes have great potential as a brand engagement tool. But, if you are thinking how exactly having QR codes in your product labels can benefit your business, then you have come to the right place. Read on to know the benefits you can get by incorporating QR codes in your product labels.

#1. Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media holds a lot of importance for any company today, and QR codes on product labels can take consumers right to your profiles in FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Add some extra incentive by giving a discount to the customers who check-in to or follow your company’s profiles using the QR code.

#2. Reward Customers

Instead of giving a social media link, you can go ahead and reward your customers through the QR code. For this, use the code in the form of a ready-to-scan coupon. As QR codes serve as paperless coupons here you can make substantial savings on printing costs.

#3. Let Customers Access Your Content

Content is king, and you can make your QR code link to content that promotes your products or services. Go for blogs, articles, how to videos, and similar online content.

#4. Provide More Information

Want to provide more information to customers about your product? In case of food products, recipes and nutritional facts are often not mentioned elaborately due to space limitations. Your QR code is there to help you here! Link your code to a website page featuring all such information. In this way, your QR code can act as an extension of your label, while cutting down the clutter on the label and offering customers all information necessary.

#5. Advertise Events

Are you organizing an event? You can make use of your QR code for advertising the event on your product labels. Customers can RSVP to your event using the QR code.

#6. Draw Customers to Your Website

QR codes can be employed as a tool for connecting customers directly to your company’s website. With the help of the QR code on your product label, customers can easily find your contact information to reach your company.

#7. Boost Website Traffic

With a QR code you can direct consumers to your business website, which would enhance your web presence. Your QR code on product labels can significantly boost your website traffic.

#8. Strengthen SEO and SMO

Web objects like videos, music clips and images serve as valuable content for your social graph. QR codes improve your search engine as well as social media optimization. Through QR codes, traffic to such searchable objects can be increased and you can encourage their sharing. This would help you optimize them further.

#9. Create a Social Proof

To build an offilne community, consider using your online communities in the form of a social proof of the expertize and influence of your company. For example, you can go for using QR codes for linking to particular blog posts, which have received a lot of activity. In this way, QR codes can help you build brand trust and reputation.

With the ability to offer you the above mentioned advantages, QR codes have the potential to revolutionize your branding and marketing campaign. They help you elevate your mobile advertising and marketing efforts. The market today, is dynamic, and most of the things are virtual. The majority of the population have smartphones, which provide them easy and quick access to the internet. QR codes are an effective way to reach and engage your customers. Cheap to create, these codes can significantly improve your web presence.

So, use QR codes to your advantage, and come up with great ways to drive brand engagement using these codes. The results would certainly be rewarding for your business.

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