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9 Beliefs Of A Highly Successful Content Marketer

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The digital age continues to enjoy booming popularity over the past several years. It is no surprise to see companies in different industries making use of different online tools to accomplish their professional and business goals.

The new generation digital age growth has produced an increased use of

Gary Viray, a successful digital marketer, founder of Search Opt Media Inc., put it thus:

“Don’t make […] success […] be like getting a fake orgasm on a one night stand somewhere. Determine true success.”

As a professional content marketer, you should place high value on beliefs that will make you successful in your business. You should put in efforts to make yourself aware of what works and what does not in the online marketing industry. Doing so would help you avoid pitfalls in doing your business in the long-run.

#1. Put empathy in hearing out your customers’ needs

Before you start planning your content process, go the extra mile of putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Take time to ask your customers their needs your company may possibly provide them. Remember that the best way to provide best service to your customers is knowing the most efficient ways you can make them happy and satisfied.

#2. Integrate customer needs to customized programs

Once you become aware of your customers’ needs, use tools for content marketing customized to satisfy their needs. If your customer needs to know the step by step process in assembling a furniture, a “how to” Youtube video may be more beneficial to him than an ebook.

#3. The importance of social media

Your content marketing strategy will not be complete without the integration of social media tools. Be aware that using social media is more than posting personal stuff about yourself for friends and loved ones to see. Share helpful and informative articles to show how much your brand matters.

Increasing trends in content marketing social media use are clearly visible in almost, if not all of the available platforms. According to a report in, a good 79 % of companies use social media as a significant part of their content marketing strategy.

#4. The need to spread content marketing duties

You should be aware that every member of your team needs to be familiar on how to do content marketing. If all of the members of your team know how to do content marketing, your business still continues even during your absence. For instance, if each of the member of your team is familiar with how content marketing’s search engine optimization keywords work, you will not need to invest a lot of time passing on your duties to your subordinate in case you will not be around at work.

#5. Outsourcing your business

The truth about content marketing is that once your business continues to grow, you will ultimately need some extra hands to help you. Over the past decade, outsourcing has become a main solution to manpower shortages in content marketing. According to an article by Brian Honigman in The Next Web, 57 % B2B technology marketers outsource their team for content marketing.

If your business is small, outsource an area of your business one at a time. However, make sure the quality of your overall business won’t suffer along the way. If you choose to outsource SEO from your business, outsource it to a company that specializes in doing business in SEO to ensure high-quality work outputs.

#6. Make changes as needed

One of the things constant in marketing, your content online is the persistent existence of change. Technology and consumer preferences change in a span of years, months, weeks, or even days! If you want to keep up with the trends in doing your business online, you should always keep yourself updated with the viral changes.

#7. Value the 80/20 rule

Online content marketing does not give predictable outcomes of your business productivity. Therefore, it is helpful to take the risk by testing your business methods for trial and error. The trial and error will help you find the things that work (20 %), and use them consistently to get the most out of the returns (80%).

#8. Transparency rules

One of the beliefs a content marketer should have, ethically speaking, adherence to honesty or transparency. When you get criticisms and negative comments on a blog, or an issue on a social media post, strive to be honest in explaining your side to the party concerned. At least, you won’t have guilty feelings over doing something wrong intentionally in relation to your work output.

#9. Stay positive

Despite the losses your online marketing gigs may face, you should not focus on the negativities. Instead, stay positive by focusing on your gigs’ successes. Having positive thoughts may actually lure positive things to your business. Your thoughts mirror the things that actually happen, so always remember to think positive and get rid of discouraging thoughts.

Adhering to these beliefs arms a content marketer with the right tools when facing the challenges posed by competitors. Additionally, doing research on the content marketing strategies employed by competitors helps your business in standing out in the industry. Remember to always prioritize your customers when conceptualizing an extraordinary strategy for your business that works.

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