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8 Ways You Could Attract More Customers through Social Media

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With ever increasing competition in the virtual world, smart

#1. Know your niche and target specific audience

With the number of online retails increasing day by day, the most authentic way to reach buying customers is to get them on your website. The clearer your niche is, the easier it will be to convert the visitors into buyers. Reaching into communities and understanding your customers will help you grow the company at an accelerated rate.

Updating your SEO strategies and keeping up with the search engine optimization changes will you keep higher in the search engines lists, ensuring a greater number of visitors and customers.  The American company Staple is one of the examples that is ripping a 10 billion dollars of annual business with this strategy.

Decide what group of people you are targeting whether it be young women, teenage boys, elderly people or other demographics, as the messaging as well as targeting could then be adjusted based on their browsing and buying habits.

Start targeting your content to your target audience by writing about their interests and the issues they care about. There is no way you can’t take advantage of this strategy with your ecommerce store and be able to enjoy much better results. Don’t be afraid to change plans and strategy whenever you spot a trend or opportunity to engage with them better as your agility will help you stand out from your competition.

#2. Create visual content

The second most important content marketing strategy is offering eye feast on your website. Make amazing How-to Videos if you have products that need a specific method to use or may have special features that couldn’t be properly communicated with just photos and texts. High resolution and great videos to answer your customer’s questions and requests not only makes you a better marketer, but also a better business who cares about customers.

Luxyhair with its great how-to videos is doing pretty amazing online. In the same way enriching your content with premium quality content also drives potential customers to your website. High definition pictures attract attention instantly and get shared more than content without pictures. Be prepared to create highly visual content that is easily digestible for your audience.

#3. Write long and in-depth articles

Research shows that long articles do better than short 500 words articles as they are more likely to get shared.  The longer and better article you write, the more like it is to get shared on social media.  Again, you have to target your audience for whom you are writing the article. Studies show that long articles and lists do better than any other form of written stuff.

Writing indepth helps you to build an expert image and increases your credentials. It only shows that you care about providing your target audience with informative and relevant content by dedicating the time to sift through various sources and condensing all of this information for them. With many retailers trying to capture various buyers attention, your content will stand out as informative and relevant as opposed to those who don’t invest in their content creation.

#4. Use social media wisely

A billion users on Facebook, with equal numbers on YouTube you have a vast advantage on those platforms.

  • Use social media to your advantage and reach vast number of people with engaging articles and videos.
  • Use other social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to ensure your online availability.
  • Use them optimally to get the best out of it for your business.
  • High quality content wins, so make sure your content is of best quality and unique.

#5. Write headlines that hook

Using powerful words to describe an article and making the headline stand out will get much better clicks than any others in the first place. The first thing you see is the headline when the article or video or whatever comes up. If it’s not interesting most of the people are going to scroll away.

#6. Utilize email marketing campaigns

If you haven’t already started building an email list. Start now. Email listing gives you trusted customer who would like to see your content in their inbox. Send them recent deals and best product details, of course not spamming them. Check out the guide from the best marketing specialist Noah Kagan who talks about how he grew his email list to a 700,000+ emails and expanded his company to be a millionaire dollar company that it is now.

#7. Get to know your customers

Knowing your customers takes you a long way towards growth. By looking at their browsing and purchasing patterns, you will be able to provide them with much more relevant and personalized content.

If you know your customers, you will be able to publish and market to the people who you already know, their interests, likings and values. Targeting them using their interests will generate more revenue and attract more customers to the blog. To do this, try investing in Facebook dark posts where you may customize which messages would appear on specific audience and not just blast all your ads to all your audience.

#8. Acknowledge your audience feedback

After so many strategies, you’re probably starting to notice a few feedback from your audience. Well, congratulations! However, your job doesn’t quite end there yet. Getting a feedback and showing gratitude their recommendation goes a long way for companies. It helps your company to know the customer better and will give you ideas to improve their experience on your website.

In the same way, appreciating them for recommending someone to your site makes them feel that they are not just numbers, but valuable customers who are being appreciated.

There are several ways you can attract more customers through social media and the best way to ensure they become your loyal customers is through authenticity and making sure they’re being heard because after all, social media has allowed us to have two-way communication to listen and be heard.

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