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8 Useful Content Marketing Tools

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Though content marketing can be pretty time-consuming, with an appropriate plan in hand it can turn out to be extremely valuable. Nowadays several content marketing tools and services, as well as applications, are accessible, with each assuring to save you time – from editorial planning to content management, tracking keywords to studying stats.

Many businesses in the last year started devoting their time, energy and money towards content marketing. Recently research has found that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing but produces 3 times the leads. Custom content is the prospect of marketing and website conversion rate is almost 6 times better for content marketing adopters than the non-adopters.

Listed below are 8 important tools that can assist you in becoming proficient in the use of content marketing.

#1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a remarkable tool that assists you in recognizing how your competitor is scoring rank-wise on Google and the specific keywords on which they are being ranked. You just need to enter the web address of your competitor and the SEMrush tool exhibits a list of keywords which positions it on Google.

Along with a free registered account, this tool discloses the 10 best keywords propelling traffic towards your competitor’s website; and you can then use a few of them to gain traffic towards your site too. It even spots high-rank keywords, explores low-competition keywords, and also highlights beneficial keywords for content and landing web pages.


RushEssay is yet another unique tool that helps in offering content-writing services as well as academic services to students. Writers can share their work on this online community and also obtain comments and tips from other writers too. You can be inspired by going through their work, and acquire feedback after sharing your essays. You can also take advantage of reading plagiarism-free custom essay writings.

#3. BuzzSumo

With the help of BuzzSumo, you can explore which kinds of content are shared more, as you want to craft the type of content which is shared across the social networks. You can search which content types acquire more shares, and accordingly write content on such related topics. Enter your site address or your competitor’s site address in order to hit upon the most shared content on social media networks. Specific keyword search can help you find content on the basis of those keywords which are shared more often. BuzzSumo can also be applied to check out content on particular networks that are expected to be trending.

#4. Quill Engage

While you’re doing all the tough work, this content marketing tool checks your results quickly.  Google Analytics can be pretty daunting and not everyone attempts to study the data. Quill Engage sends an email on a weekly basis that provides your results in a simple and understandable method.

#5. Do Share

Do Share is a Chrome plug-in that posts valuable content to your Google+ profile. Currently, you cannot plan ahead with content posts on your personal profile via Google. This tool does this by holding the listed content till the suitable time and then posts it. You should have the browser kept open while posting. When you’re set to browse via Google+ content, you can even select content and send for posting to Do Share at a future date.

#6. Canva

With Canva’s help, you can create your own promotional imagery. Imagery is considered a significant ingredient of content promotion, but it can be costly using graphic designers for each image and it can take up your time too. Canva is a perfect graphic design, without the requirement for graphic design expertise. It can create striking images with an expert touch utilizing an easy, restructured interface. While crafting amazing content, it is essential to share it often on social networking sites, and you should ensure you promote with various images every time. You need to craft a set of related images which can be utilized in distinct promotional activities.

#7. Edit Flow

This tool is important for your content marketing strategy as you can create your editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is vital for content marketing. While your content is being planned ahead, you can be productive and deliver excellent content. Edit Flow, which is a WordPress plugin-in, is completely free and a helpful calendar tool. It’s features include:

  • Calendar View: You can envisage all the distinct planned draft posts so that you can simply drag and drop the pieces to amend the dates.
  • Team Function: You can send quick messages to the team members. For example, the author of an article can add a note to the editor at the end of the post before editing it.
  • Custom Status: You can arrange the custom progression status to go with the workflow. Mentioned here are a few statuses that you can utilize – pitch, in progress, draft without images, pending review, and final review.

#8. Zapier

Being an automation tool, Zapier connects almost 300 applications in order to perform the automated tasks superbly. You can easily craft ‘zaps’, an activating job which stars off distinct applications.

A few helpful automated tasks are available that can assist with content marketing strategy. Some of the automatic zaps that you can craft include: sharing Instagram photos on your Facebook page; saving your favorite tweets on Evernote; sending LinkedIn status updates on Twitter; and sharing new posts on WordPress, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn through Buffer. For example; you could craft a zap such that while posting to a FB page, the zap sends it straightaway to Buffer where the queue is arranged for sending all the content to other distinct channels.

Therefore, if you haven’t yet invested your time in building and executing content marketing strategies for your company’s business, then this is the right time to use these effective tools for increasing your content marketing productivity. Such tools can assist you in giving full support to your content marketing plan, perk up your impact, and increase your success.

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