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8 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tactics for New Businesses

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Most successful CEOs agree that consumers search for companies or products that they can personally feel connected to. In short, businesses now need to shift their focus from quantity to quality that their target customers would be proud to be associated with.

However, prompting customers to pay attention is something that’s easier said than done. A study by Microsoft Corp revealed that

Designing a marketing campaign to captivate audiences and thereby forcing them to pay attention is something even marketing veterans sometimes struggle with. The first step towards success is to stop spending marketing funds on half-baked strategies that do not positively impact the bottomline. Instead, invest in strategies that target a specific demographic group and work towards the goal of getting these potential customers interested in your business.

To give your business a direction, it’s important to brainstorm and make a list of effective marketing strategies that you can invest in. Set budgets for each campaign and make sure they all work towards the common goal of generating business. To help you get started on that list, the following are some proven marketing tactics that generate positive customer responses.

#1. Build a Strong Online Presence

An article was published by the M&R Marketing Group saying that if customers do not find your website interesting or user-friendly, there is little chance that they will feel connected to the brand identity.

An estimated 83 percent of consumers visit a business’s website before they purchase its product. When starting off with a limited marketing budget, it’s smart to rely on online tools like Godaddy and Wix to create a basic yet beautiful website. Once created, you can choose to upgrade the website later to include more things as your business grows.

#2. Never Underestimate Email Marketing

To the uninitiated, email marketing often seems like a cheap and pushy marketing tactic. However, 86 percent of all business professionals rely on email marketing for business communication. In fact, when asked, 59% of marketing experts said that it is the most effective channel for revenue generation.

The best way to lure the customers to subscribe to your emails is to offer them something in return. For example, a health coach can offer free healthy tips to lose weight. If people still seem uninterested, he or she can choose to give out small freebies and incentives to get the ball rolling.

#3. Social Media is the Key

According to the statistical data released by Salesforce social media brings companies closer to a wide range of audiences. However, the success of a social media campaign relies on selecting a target audience and posting content that they would find interesting. Small businesses can even use social media to keep an eye on their competitors and tweak their strategies accordingly.

To diversify your marketing effort, it’s important to rely on multiple platforms. This way you get access to more people that fit the criteria to be your targeted customers.

#4. Creating Great Content

Content plays a crucial role in converting traffic into paying customers. Posting relevant content that’s aimed at solving real problems helps boost customer interaction.

Much like social media marketing, it’s important to spread out and utilize blogs, podcasts, and videos to share quality content. Connect with bloggers or the podcast hosts and strike a deal to promote your business on their platforms.

#5. Join Professional Groups

There are professional groups both online and offline that can connect you with people with similar business interests. Do a bit of research and be actively involved in 2 to 3 such groups by participating in the events and seminars.

As you network with more people through these groups, your business will automatically get promoted and word-of-mouth marketing will help you attract more clients. You will also be able to interact with experts and other business owners who might agree to share valuable tips to drive your business forward.

#6. Go for Business Checks

You might be wondering what manual business checks have to do with promoting a business? Printed business checks with your company’s logo work in favor of increasing your business’s perceived value. You can order them online and have your checks next day. This is a great branding opportunity as most business owners write hundreds of checks in a calendar year.

Along with other printed mediums such as business cards, printed business checks can supplement your marketing efforts and help generate customer interest.

#7. Show Your Philanthropic Side

Help your business by helping others. This is a strategy that’s adopted by many businesses who freely donate to local community projects and other welfare programs. It’s important to weigh in on the local sentiment before being connected to any charitable program.

For example, joining a green initiative in a community where people still debate about global warming may not generate the desired results. Find out what people are passionate about and pick a charity that’s in line with that.

#8. Special Deals and Rewards

Offering a promotional discount and special services may prompt customers to show more interest in your business. A customer membership program can also go a long way into increasing sales and to get more loyal customers.

You can also rely on local press releases to let people know more about the product or service you are trying to sell. Press releases are also a great medium to promote periodic discounts, deals, and events.

The Bottom Line

Most small to medium-sized companies have limited marketing budgets. All the above-mentioned strategies can be effectively implemented without spending too much money. If done correctly, they can be potent business drivers that generate interest and increase sales.

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