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7 Top Ways to Use Social Media for Job Search

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Looking to change your job? What steps are you following to find a new one? You might be applying through the job search portals. But is that enough? Or is there anything else that might also come in handy when you are looking for your dream job?

How about social media for job search? It can be one of the best platforms to connect with millions of people. And if you are looking for jobs, it’s essential to have contacts. So, you can always depend on social media to enhance your job search endeavor.

Social media is an interesting platform. It’s not been here for more than two decades. But it has already touched upon almost all walks of life. Job search isn’t out of its ambit as well. You need to follow some specific steps to beef up your efforts to find a great job through social media.

Here’s a quick look at the different ways you can use social media to search for your dream job.

#1. Have a Complete Profile

By complete, I mean you need to fill in every detail that’s asked for. While creating profiles on social media, most people tend to leave those spaces blank, which aren’t compulsory. But when a potential employer is checking your profile, you need to present every detail to him. And this should include your professional history as well. This will help to convey a clear idea to the companies about your qualifications, responsibilities managed earlier and what you do currently. This makes your profile ‘Google-able’ as well, and the employers find it easier to find your profile.

#2. Have Focused Social Media Presence

Having a complete profile is, of course, important. But having a presence on every social media platform isn’t. There are quite a few social media platforms. So, you don’t have to register on all of them. Because that would take up a lot of time to maintain all your profiles. Moreover, you won’t be able to focus properly on each of the profiles. So, it’s always better to have a limited but focused presence on social media.

Select the main social media websites where you need to have your presence and remain focused. Post on a regular basis and ensure that they are able to attract the attention of the visitors impeccably.

#3. Perform Networking Prudently

Social media is synonymous to networking. The larger your network is, the better it is for your job search endeavor. Of course, you will reconnect with people you already know. But you should also add people you don’t know to your network. This will help you to expand your network and reach out to potential employers. Besides, you should also be able to be alerted of vacancies in different companies with their help.

Always try to engage in conversations with people in your network. Let them know your expertise and strength, so that they can refer you for different job vacancies.

#4. Follow the Company of Your Choice

If you are searching for your dream job on the internet, there must be your dream company as well. Check out the profile of the company on social media websites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. You should also follow the company on these websites. It will help you remain abreast of the happenings in these companies. Are you aware of the types of work these companies do?

These social media pages will help you form an idea about these and, in turn, will help you to prepare yourself properly to crack the interviews at these companies perfectly.

#5. Join Relevant Groups on Social Media

When you are social media, that’s probably the best place where you can know about any topic. There are millions of users registered on different social media profiles. And there are several groups on various subjects as well. You can join any of these groups that provide information on jobs and vacancies in different organizations. And once you are a part of such a group, you will be able to remain aware of the opportunities in different companies. And if any of these matches your profile, you can readily apply for the same.

Besides, many of these groups are known to have discussions on tips that can help you crack the interviews at different companies.

#6. Look for Referral from Friends

Referral recruitment is one of the most common ways you can join a company these days. And social media can come in extremely handy for this. You can connect with hundreds of people at a professional level. Let them know your expertise. Be properly acquainted with them. And then ask them to refer you for relevant jobs when they come to know about vacancies in their organizations.

This is going to help you significantly to find a job in a new company without much hassle. You will be notified whenever there is a requirement in any of these companies, which matches your profile.

#7. Share Professionally

What are the most common things shared on social media platforms? Studies show that people prefer sharing pictures most, followed by their own opinion about something. But if you are planning to use social media for professional purposes, you need to be prudent about using it. Try to share professional information through your social media profile. Let people know about your achievements and the way you can add value to a new company, if you join there. This is likely to attract the employers more towards your profile and increasing your chances of cracking the job interview.

Social media has helped the employers to create their in-house practices for employing new recruits. They can have a clear idea from social media about the potential employees before approaching them. So, it is advisable to maintain a professional profile. If you need to share something personal, make sure you customize its ambit to your personal contacts only. It’s always important to share things related to your job for people who might be connected to you in terms of work. If prudently used, social media can be one of the best platforms for you to land your dream job.

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