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7 Tips On Using LinkedIn For Newbies

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LinkedIn is the most important social media concerning your professional life. There are more than 200 million accounts, a lot of groups and potential partners.

LinkedIn is where you are going to look for your next job, start different networks and show your real potential. Stay tuned for the most important rules at LinkedIn.

This is a checklist of the basic aspects:

#1. Photography in high resolution

The first impression is always the key, so you should not overlook the first public connection. LinkedIn is a professional network so use a refined image with a standard neutral background and appropriate clothing. Do not forget to upload it in high resolution too.

#2. Use a title that shows your value

If you are an Account Professional, do not put your title as “Account in X”. Use something bigger, not in size, but in logic. An example would be “Account | Finance | Audit”. It is important that your skills are in evidence. It would also be easier to be seen in Google Rank.

#3. Mailing list and contacts

Do not forget the most essential part – why be on LinkedIn if your don’t engage with different people? Invite and accept invitations from different individuals and from different areas. Contacts in 1st Degree have access to all your information. However, remember that you should create a good network, and that is not the same as accepting and inviting everyone you see.

#4. Create a custom URL

You do not want to have a URL like this one “” right? Make sure it’s as close to your name or business as possible. It will be easier for you to add it to your signature on your email, your cards and other different ways.

#5. Resume

Your resume should be short, with keywords and make them memorable for the reader. Your LinkedIn profile is not your CV, although it is a way to achieve the end result.

#6. Give and receive recommendations

Testimonials are essential for your contacts. Rather than just seeing your profile it’s even better to have someone commenting on your characteristics and most important skills. You can assign up to 30 skills to your resume. Select key skills that you know are an asset to the job you are looking for. Skills increases exposure in the LinkedIn search engine.

#7. Groups

A large number of LinkedIn users do not participate in group debates, which is one of the biggest mistakes on LinkedIn. Groups are one of the best ways to achieve new contacts and look good in the conversations and debates on different topics. Some excellent ideas can be found in this debates.

These are just the basics to be on LinkedIn! You can do your “homework” and start searching for new methods and try different results. Try to look for groups that are connected to your interests and public people to follow in your profile.

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I prefer to follow marketing and communication profiles that are connected to my area, eg. Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jeff Weiner, and many more! Now, it’s your turn.

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