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7 SEO Tricks: Make Your Business a Best Choice on Google SERP

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These 7 SEO tricks are important keys for success when using Google SERP. In response to a user’s input or query, web search engine such as Google tries to display the most relevant listing of results in a minimum time interval. For this purpose, a search engine changes the results in its first page by developing and updating its algorithms regularly.

That’s why the debate on ‘10 blue links SERPs are dying’ has started, and pages with new visibility features and screen real estate are up and coming. This dynamic nature of Google SERP has become a major challenge for website owners looking to gain organic visibility.

Dear web owners and marketers, there is no need to bite the nails. Today, we will tell how to stay ahead of the curve by making your business a lucrative choice for Google SERP.

#1. Be focused on “3 Pack”

If you have a background in search engine optimization, then you must know the story of “From 7 Pack” to “3 Pack”. As you can see in the image below, the search results are showing a 3 Pack i.e. a pack of three local businesses with location, contacts and opening hours.

3-pack example

If your business is registered with local directories and has created a Google Business Page featured with local pack, you will see your business as a choice for Google SERP.

#2. Be a Part of Google+

Google+ is a social network just like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Many people don’t see how a less popular social network will give benefit to their business. The truth is, even though Google+ is less popular than its counterparts, it has worth. When you socialize your web page with Google+, you become prominent. Just have a look at the following result and decide which link is getting more attention No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3? Definitely, it’s the 3rd link with its super click feature.


How can you get featured in Google+?

If you want to get featured with Google+, you must have an account and follow these steps:

Log in to your account and click on “Profile” then “about”.

Click on “Edit” and go to “Contributor to”



Add your link here.


Make sure you are the owner of the web page, verify it and wait for a few days.

#3. Make your Business Mobile Friendly

As has analyzed, half of the mobile searches are linked with local data results. Moreover, Google also has replaced the 7 Pack with 3 pack to make the search results mobile friendly. After that, business owners recognized the importance of SEO and aligned their content accordingly with local search features.

#4. Make your Content Google Friendly

Your content is your magnet to attract the traffic you want. Proper Content Marketing involves the use of better quality content, which acts as a magnetic pull for more traffic to your website. Your Content is Your King on the chess of Google SERP, so make sure you make your content appealing and magnetic. Follow the priority order for your content: Quality, Quantity, and Beauty.

Looking at the basics of SEO, proposes that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of marketing techniques which are used by web developers and owners to enhance the visibility of their business. This visibility is linked with the movement of traffic and the ranking of your business by Google SERP. In spite of the fact that web crawler rankings continue changing now and again, you need to make sure that your webpage is properly tailored, and that it routinely presents quality substance to drive a constant flow of activity to your pages.

Attributes of a Quality of Content:

  • Useful for user
  • free of plagiarism
  • supported with helping links
  • interesting for the user
  • conversational
  • User engaging
  • Fresh and updated

Moreover, take following points into consideration:

  • Ensure that your title has query words or keywords
  • You can surpass your competitor by adding some keywords in your URL


Have a look at the following figure, and the picture will be clearer.


  • Keep an eye on Keywords distribution in the title/ main heading and content/body.
  • Use structured data in content if your competitors are using the same.
  • Pay heed to definitive descriptions and try to use authoritative terms e.g. “Knowledge hose of…”, “Encyclopedia of…”

#5. Be Social and Socialize your Business

The impact of social media is increasing day by day, and Google SERP has tailored accordingly.  Most of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts have claimed that  Social Sharing is the future of search. You can take advantage of this factor by following these tips:

  • Link your business with social networks and place their buttons on prominent place of your page
  • Provide quality content. It will make you trustworthy, and once you have developed trust, people will not hesitate to share your content
  • Use your own social network
  • Socialize with names which have a larger social impact. This is what is referred to as Influencer Marketing, which involves the use of industry known, trusted and respected influential persons to advance your online marketing. When influencers share your content, it will be trusted, and your business will attract more traffic.
  • Make lucrative offers to encourage visitors to share your content
  • Use ideal page length. An article in states that the content length for a page that positions in the best 10 on Google is no less than 2,000 words.

#6. Site links

These are the hyperlinks to website subpages that appear under certain Google listing which provide convenience to users to navigate the site.


Relevant and non-broken site links develop trust, reputation, and affinity with Google SERPs and users. They also make your website users friendly as they do not have to wander on the search engine.

These site links make your business more prominent when these links occupy more SERP space.

These site links not only enhance the traffic on your website home page, but internal pages also attract attention. And traffic plays an important role in ranking your business. Although these site links are not shown, they matter for Google’s choice.

#7. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Nobody can win the race in the area of web-business without keeping an eye on his rivals’ tricks. Equip yourself with the following tools and start spying on your competitors.

  • Discover your competitors
  • Compare your business’ ranking with their ranking
  • Dig out the difference in priorities of incoming links with regard to quantity and quality
  • Analyze and compare the usage of keywords in title, URL, title of linking page
  • Try to win more positive reviews than your competitor
  • Try to win more social impact than your competitor
  • By using site explorer, find out the sources of your competitor’s backlinks


I have tried to keep these 7 tips simple and easily doable. These tips are very helpful for those web owners who are running a content focused business but suffering from less traffic to their websites. It is strongly recommended for them to implement the aforesaid 7 tips to increase their stream of traffic. The average of the web searches conducted only in U.S. is twelve billion, according to It is a fact that the higher the traffic, the higher the ranking, and the higher the ranking, the higher the profit.

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