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7 Reasons Why VoIP Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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The use of VoIP among both large enterprises and small businesses is on such a rapid increase it is predicted that more than 90% of leading businesses in the IT industry will stop using on-premises communication tools by the end of 2021. Talk about numbers and getting left behind!

The steady migration of these businesses from PBX or POTS-based communication to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is no coincidence. These migrations are made for a number of reasons, and the huge head start it offers to your digital marketing success is only a part of the package.

Here are seven reasons why VoIP is important to your digital marketing strategies:


1. Enhanced Call Management

We all have been at the end of that laborious call where we have to listen to a monotonous tone or music for several minutes until a tired voice finally picks up. The experience is not very pleasant. But what is the solution? From the business perspective, there is only one solution for that delay: Instant responding. 

VoIP-based methods allow you to provide quick on-the-go solutions to customer’s problems without having them endure too long on the phone. By using cloud-based phone services, businesses can automate phone calls and make sure customers are automatically acknowledged. What better marketing strategy is there than top-notch customer experience?

2. Lower Costs

As expected, cloud-based business phone systems and cloud services in general enable you to reduce operation costs, since traditional systems require bulky infrastructure that occupies space in your office. The extra budget-saving benefits are related to taking advantage of data analytics.

A switch to VoIP means you don’t have to deal with the costs of installing phone lines and providing maintenance to on-site phone systems. A small business using VoIP doesn’t have to worry about the extra cost of international calls or the sizable budget that comes with making daily calls using POTS. 

In fact, cloud-based business phone systems allow you to make international calls while providing you the flexibility with choosing free-package numbers and also local area codes.


3. Seamless Integrations and Flexibility

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are evolving at an exponential speed, with groundbreaking innovations. There is only one way to make the best use of the edge they provide: get on the fast-moving train. 

Traditional phone systems cannot leverage the benefits of cloud computing, no matter how huge. That is why you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Unlike POTS-based systems, cloud-based phone systems allow for seamless integrations of a wide range of services, while also making it easier to add more use cases in the future and expand your customer database.


4. Higher Conversion Rates

An excellent customer experience means a customer is most likely to buy what you sell and even more of it. This is a marketing fundamental, and VoIP exploits this basic principle in the most versatile way possible.

VoIP networks are set up so that seamless customer interaction is not only possible but also guaranteed. By providing less expensive ways to call and interact with clients worldwide, while also adding flexibility to your company’s communications, interactions between businesses and clients are improved, leading to higher conversion rates.

Not to mention the fact that studies have proven increasing your interactions with customers and partners turns out to be more productive than email campaigns.

Get more interactions with VoIP, increase that conversion ratio.


5. Monitoring Advertising Analytics

Like all cloud-based systems, VoIP’s flexibility makes it easy to add important services like conversion monitoring, and other similar statistics, which is a very useful tool for any marketing strategy. 

For some marketers, the ease of monitoring success analytics is yet the biggest advantage of using VoIP.

On top of that, VoIP’s low cost makes it quite convenient to create different phone numbers for each different campaign. This way you can easily monitor the calls coming through a particular number to recognize which of your campaigns are performing better.


6. Targeting Geographical Locations

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses continue to use VoIP is their ease to target certain geographical locations while at the same time displaying a local area code, even without any physical presence.

Since cloud phone systems send data packets via digital means, and over the internet, this is easier, seamless, far less expensive, and faster to execute than installing traditional lines over each country or State.

By creating a sense of local appeal, small businesses can have a wider reach to customers across the country, especially to customers who prefer to deal with local companies and firms rather than foreign ones.


7. Reliability and Flexibility

There are two peculiar scenarios here that are both beneficial to your marketing strategies. One is the reliability of the internet. The prevalent availability of wifi and mobile data means calls over the internet can be made immediately and at a reduced cost, as opposed to traditional phone systems and landlines, which are prone to interference.

Additionally, VoIP allows you to use a single phone number across devices, which only means one thing for your business: each of your employees can work from anywhere as long as they have a connected device. This makes collaboration between you and your employees easier with remote collaboration seamlessly possible and in real-time.

This also means you can define answering rules for B2C interactions even for a single phone number. With the possibility of many connected devices, you can make sure calls are always answered 


So what does the future hold? Cloud-based phone systems and VoIP phones, in particular, are not only here to stay, they are also perfectly poised to evolve as well. The future is going to be shaped by data and the internet, and what better way to take advantage of both than switching virtually all interactions with your clients to the cloud. 

As small businesses continue to find huge advantages and improve their Digital Marketing strategies with VoIP, there will only be more evolution and innovation in the future. The best you can do right now is to get on the train.

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