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7 Marketing Tips For Start-up Businesses

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It’s a competitive market out there and fledgling entrepreneurs need to utilise proven effective marketing tips and techniques to get their products and services noticed. Fortunately, there is a formidable range of marketing tools available to help you make an impact and get your start-up in the minds and on the tongues of potential clients and customers. Here is a helpful collection to drive your business to success.

7 Marketing Tips

#1. Harness The Power Of Blogging

You can create a high quality blog that addresses business-related issues for no cost at all that will establish your authority, engage followers, entice potential customers to your website and increase commerce. Free platforms like Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger are a great start, but if you can develop a blog on your own domain, you’re more likely to build brand recognition for your own site. You can even mix up tips and advice with product ads as news features using dynamic images and wise words. Time to get those fingertips tapping.

#2. Accept Site Hospitality

An increasing number of business-related sites and blogs have laid out the welcome mat for guest authors willing to submit quality articles and content. You should submit well-written content with a bio and links to your social media profiles, blog and website to build links, boost traffic and attract and engage new followers and potential clients. To make your off-page SEO strategy extra sharp conduct rank and readership research to choose the sites most beneficial for your business.

#3. Want Results? Get Social and Bookmark

Using social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to build contacts and links will enhance the effectiveness of your off-page search engine optimisation strategy. Share regular updates and links to your articles and posts and prominently display your company logo and website URL on your profiles. Popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Technorati should also be put to good use as invaluable tools for driving traffic to your content.

#4. Voice Your Opinion

Engaging in online discussions will help you engage potential clients, so embrace it as essential off page SEO practice. Leave useful comments on business-specific blogs and forums to convey your corporate ethos and direct readers to your website by including a URL. Remember, comment is free, so use it.

#5. Get Creative When Promoting

You don’t need David Fincher to create an advertising video that hits home with viewers. YouTube is more than an addictive distraction in the office. You can create a humorous video that simultaneously generates guffaws while promoting your company and engaging potential customers. Sell construction safety equipment? Film a talking head with the bruised and bandaged “Unluckiest Builder in the World” who states he wouldn’t be alive without your protective wear.

#6. Make Sure Your Logo Isn’t a No Go

It is possible to create an arresting logo that perfectly communicates your corporate identity cost effectively. Search crowd sourcing platforms where talented graphic designers are poised with pen and imagination to interpret your ideas and corporate ethos into dazzling designs that catch the eye and get people interested and talking.

#7. What Are You Waiting For?

Adopting these proven marketing tips and techniques will cost effectively strengthen the presence of your start-up business in the market. We’re facing tough challenges, but significant gains can be achieved simply by investing a little time and effort. Start now by sharing this article and your comments below!

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