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7 Indispensable Chrome Plugins for Link Builders

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Link building is an art. Just as with any other talent, it requires out-of-the-box thinking and creativity to be successful.

And let me be clear – chrome plugins won’t build links for you. But there are some chrome plugins that make it easy for you to build links. They tackle the manual work, so that you can efficiently scale your link building processes.

Today, I’m going to show you 7 such wonderful plugins that can save a great deal of time and effort for link builders, and also explain how I use them to earn links and promote our content.

#1. Check My Links

Broken link building is a tried and tested method for building links. And it isn’t new either. What makes it so effective is that it can be scaled very effectively. But SEOs often face a roadblock: it takes time to find pages with broken links on them.

This is where Check My Links comes in.

Using this plugin, you can simply browse over to a page, and quickly see if there are any broken links on the page. The plugin highlights all links on the page, and the broken/dead links are highlighted in red.

For example, on this guide on creating online shops, simply by clicking on the Check My Links extension in the toolbar, it shows us that there are 21 broken links on the page.

I browse over and notice that one of the case study examples Catalin used, the Dannijo store, now points to a 404 page.

Now I just need to reach out to him, notify him of the broken link, and also send him an example/write-up of a creative marketing technique we adopted for one of our eCommerce clients. He is likely to reciprocate our help and include our case study in his epic guide. And that’s a PA 53 link!

Could it get any easier?

Tip: I take it one step further, and check if any other bloggers are linking to that 404 page using backlink checkers like Ahrefs. I then reach out to them too, and offer my content as a replacement link!


I just talked about reaching out to bloggers and notifying them about broken links. But how do we find the contact details of the bloggers in the first place? (previously known as Email Hunter), is a nifty tool that you can use to find email addresses of bloggers in a jiffy.

If you’re on the website, all you need to do is click the Hunter icon on the toolbar, and Hunter will pull all the email addresses associated with the domain from its database.

Let’s try this for the above example itself.

hunter walkthrough

That’s it! This way, Hunter makes it very easy to find email addresses of prospects – just with the click of a button!

Also, spoiler alert: Some emails pulled by may be inaccurate, but you can always verify email addresses for free using MailTester.

#3. VoilaNorbert

Sometimes Hunter is unable to pull the email address of the post’s author. Voila Norbert is just another email address finding plugin.

But it has a unique feature: you can search for a person’s email address by entering their name. VoilaNorbert will then search for that particular person’s email on that domain.


I’ve also noticed that the accuracy of emails found by Voila Norbert is higher than what we get using Hunter.

#4. Open Me Later

If you do any type of outreach, you’ve got to follow up with your prospects. Or reach out to a blogger/sales prospect at a later time. It’s inevitable. And I have the habit of forgetting things. Especially when I reach out to hundreds of link prospects for client campaigns daily.

We can always schedule emails with tools like (which I talk about below), but sometimes I prefer to check the email thread before following up with prospects.

Enter Open Me Later.


Open Me Later is a chrome plugin that you can use to open any URLs/websites at a later time. I can schedule a Gmail thread to open up automatically after a month. I can also schedule an SEO report doc to open up daily at any particular set time. Nifty, huh?

While I just use this to open up email threads and reports, you can use to schedule a bunch of stuff to open up automatically, like social networks or CRMs.

#5. Link Klipper

SEOs often come across giant lists of links online that they need to quickly export into sheets/CRMs.

Link Klipper makes this easy by offering you the ability to quickly export all links on a page/SERP to sheets or CSV files.

For example, suppose I wanted a list of all the top ranked internet marketing companies in Toronto for sales outreach, I can simply hold down Ctrl on the keyboard and drag down using the mouse to download a CSV of all the links (along with the anchor text) I want – directly from the search results.


I can also export all the links on the page into a CSV from the Link Klipper dropdown!

Also not just SERPs, you can also export or scrape links from big roundups or resource pages like our podcasts roundup:

#6. Tab-Snap

Tab Snap is a simple plugin that allows you to export the URLs open in your browser tabs.


This is immensely time saving, particularly during link prospecting where we browse through many websites and blogs.

7. for Gmail

I saved the best for last. is one of the best tools when it comes to scheduling and tracking outreach emails. It offers the ability to track opens and clicks for all your outreach emails, and the scheduling feature is great- you can schedule emails for later in the day or anytime in the future. Wizy also offers the ability to set schedule times according to different time zones!

Besides these, the tool also allows you to snooze emails for later, set reminders and use pre-set templates.

The tracking feature is very useful, and the tool also offers a dashboard to see the status of tracked and scheduled emails, reminders and snoozed emails. And it’s completely free without any sort of excessive advertising!

And if you’re wondering: I haven’t reached out to Catalin about replacing that broken link in the above example. Feel free to reach out!

And if you manage to get links using any of the tools or methods I talked about, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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