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6 Waves to POP Your Offline Marketing

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How do you handle marketing with the massive trend of innovative strategies brought by technology? Have you ever thought of abandoning offline marketing and focus with online avenues? Are you giving up with your offline PR strategies? Discover how you can include influential waves to your marketing that will elevate your brand’s relevancy.

Most businesses started their campaign in an offline platform. How? Well, before your company gets into the mind of the general public, it is pretty certain that you have shared your thoughts about the company you’re planning to have to people you are close with.

Perhaps, you disclose the purpose of creating such to people you trust. That communication is actually a way of marketing the company you are establishing. You are spreading the word even without an intention to gain sales. This scenario shows that you are connecting people to your company. It’s an indirect personal yet offline campaign. Then, it will grow to become a direct campaign to people as you are now purposing your shift to gain public relevance through ads, freebies, event sponsorship or just by bringing your products or services to public places like a shop in a mall.

However, when technology came into existence, especially the advent of the Internet, offline marketing was slowly fading backward from the picture. And gradually, virtual businesses became more evident. And marketing strategies are now focusing on online opportunities leaving the offline platform unattended. Most of the business owners are putting all efforts in social media, online branding and relevance. It is good though to catch up with the trend.

But how about those businesses that need offline marketing? Should they give it up? Should they diversify to an online-order-delivery kind of business? Of course, they should not. They only have to strengthen their offline platform where their customers meet their products or services. A good management on this could really create a significant impact even to their online relevance.

Have you heard of Point-of-Purchase or POP? It is actually a place where actual sales are done. In a macro level, you can consider mall or the city as your POP. However in a micro level, the surrounding area around the cashier is your POP. This is the primary focus of your offline marketing. In this area, you will be interacting with customers as well as customers to your products or services. It is about time to build your influence and relationship to your customers in a direct manner.

Here are 6 Creative Waves to Boost Offline Marketing:-

#1. Motivate your staff

Remember that you or your staff are directly interacting with your customer. Now, always spare some time to assess your staff and their productivity. Take note of their strengths and weaknesses. With that, nurture their strengths and never forget to commend them.

As for their weaknesses, provide workshops or activities that will boost them to address these. Teach them how to transform their weak sides into their strengths. Build them to become more influential and relevant in their own field. That way, they will have a drive to improve in handling your customers and your products or services.

#2. Maximize your creativity in business cards, flyers, and space

Create an atmosphere in your area that will easily draw your customers to buying your products.

  • Make your business space very accommodating and appealing to people.
  • Be ready with your flyers to highlight the best deals you have and business cards for contact details.
  • Be creative in presenting them. Catch them through designs. This way you can focus to your local market.

You emphasize productivity in your store or shop. And your customers can be precisely targeted. This is why POP operates in precise target marketing.

#3. Join the holidays!

Indulge your company to celebrate holidays with your customers. Greeting cards and gifts may be very common today. But, being creative to design your own greeting cards and gifts will show that your company really cares to your customer. That will make them feel appreciated and remembered.

#4. Innovate your packaging

It is time to give your products, services, place a new look. Posters, stickers and standing tarps already made their impact. It’s time to think something new and uncommon ways to make your customers remember your place. You can have a wide logo painted on your ceiling or have it on your door steps. 

#5. Connect with the right people

Connecting with good people is far different from connecting with the right people. Connecting with good ones will not harm your company but it won’t get you any further. However building a connection with the right people will not only keep your business safe, it will even take your company to new heights and levels. They will become your influencer that will draw people to your products or services. They will broaden your market and will raise your business’ relevancy.

#6. Initiate Guerilla Marketing

It is a marketing strategy that will leave people thinking whether it is a marketing campaign or not. You can organize an event, a street activity or a temporary graffiti and street art. This will entertain people as well as raising awareness that your business exists. However, this less direct making entertainment is more dominant than marketing.

I guess you can now start reviving your dying marketing strategies in your POP. Direct your passion for business to your local market. Let’s build up your local market and see the ripple effect. There is a beyond just micro marketing. It is the foundation that needs a focus nowadays. Let us keep the face and voice of your marketing, your brand. It is not just a brand. It is the brand.

Brace yourself because there is a coming change in your company’s report. It will be a huge wave that will burst out of these marketing strategies. Sit back and survey your brand’s awareness. See how you will increase not only in sales but most significantly your brand’s relevancy!

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