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6 Marketing Strategies You Should Know Before Selling Your Self-Published Book

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Self-publishing has paved the way for many new authors to get their books out on the market. Traditional book publishing companies will go as far as helping you from print to marketing; however, as a self-published author, your work doesn’t end when you self-publish a book. Becoming a book publisher is just the beginning of your journey. If you have successfully self-published, pat yourself on the back for having gone this far. The next step, however, is an integral part of the self-publishing process. 

You have to think about how to market your book to reach your target audience effectively. Self-publishing a book will need your marketing wits to make good sales. Here are some marketing strategies you should know before selling your self-published book: 

Know Your Audience

As you have gone about writing your book, you may already have had a target audience in mind. After publishing, you must research further to get to know your target audience. Know your genre and how you can promote it to your readers. Some self-published authors are niche writers, so it is crucial to know what niche you cater to if you fit into this category. This identification process will help you focus your marketing efforts towards the right audience. Know what appeals to your audience and make it work to your marketing advantage. If you know your target audience, you will know when and where to start the most effective marketing campaign. 

Build Your Brand 

Famous brands have been able to integrate themselves as household names. Think of big household names such as Xerox, Coke, McDonald’s, Nike, and other big brand names. Good brand building gives you a distinction that sets you apart from other writers. As a self-published author, you are your brand, and your brand is what your audience should know you for. Think about what you want to be known for as an author. Once you have this figured out, make sure that you emanate this in your public presence. Your goal in building your brand is to associate your brand with your work. 

Establish Your Online Presence

The proliferation of social media has made marketing more accessible to self-published authors. However, your personal social media account may not be enough to get the sales boost you need. You need to establish a solid social media presence that will help you connect with your target audience. Put up a website dedicated to your work as a self-published author; here, you can promote your work and strengthen your branding. Content marketing is also an effective way to reach your target audience. You can also boost your online presence by joining forums to help you get in touch with other authors. Some readers may also reach out to you for advice regarding publishing options and how to get a book published. A good online presence means that your content is always current and updated. It also means that you should respond to inquiries from your audience promptly. 

Give out Excerpts

Excerpts are a great way to give your readers a glimpse into your entire work. This sneak peek builds anticipation for what is coming when they buy the full version. Start by handing out excerpts to your inner circle and work your way to giving out excerpts to other people whenever there is an opportunity. As a self-published author, you can give out excerpts in print or online. Ensure that your excerpt leads your target audience to buy your book by providing a link or instructions on procuring the full copy. 

Solicit Book Reviews 

An excellent way to promote your book is through book reviews. Try to reach out to as many readers as possible and actively seek their reviews. The more reviews your book gets, the more visible it is to your target audience. The aim here is to get as many positive book reviews as possible. However, you also have to be prepared to receive some negative comments. Take this with a grain of salt and use these comments to improve your craft as a self-published author. Encourage book readers to leave a review both on your website and on the publishing site as well. This ensures maximum visibility and can reach a wider audience. 

Create a Catchy Book Cover

Appearances can also make or break your potential book sales. Your book cover should set you apart from other authors and must also reflect your brand. Before publishing your book, make sure that you invest in a good book cover that is catchy and relevant to your book and title. If you are not confident in your artistic skills, you can hire a professional graphic artist to do your book cover for you. Some readers are very visual, and a good book cover can help your overall book marketing. 

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