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6 Easy Ways to Boost up Your Real Estate SEO

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Property websites are booming and the race to remain present in the first page of Google for every commercial (buying/selling/renting) related query is increasing. Real estate remains one of the costliest search query segments in Adwords and advertisers invest a lot of money to generate leads through Google.

Organic SEO for property websites is thus a cheap and a reliable solution to generate organic leads. However, most of the property website owners often neglect some of the basic SEO strategies that can help them to increase their website rankings faster. This post explains the top 6 ways to boost up the real estate SEO:

#1. Include Searchable Keywords in Major Areas

Your main targeted search query should be present in all of the major areas which the search engines considers important. For example, if your keyword is “property in Tennessee” then you can have a dedicated page that should have the following attributes:

  • Page URLtennessee-properties
  • Page Title: Properties in Tennessee – Buy/Sell/Rent Nashville Homes & Land
  • Page Description: Nashville TN properties on sale – Buy/Sell/Rent homes, houses, lands, farms, ranches etc. Tennessee hunting & fishing properties. Call XX-XXXX
  • H1 Tag: Nashville TN Properties on SALE – BUY/SELL/RENT Houses/Lands/Farms

Including your main keywords in the major areas provides an instant boost to your page rankings in most of the cases. Moreover, do not forget to include secondary keywords and synonyms to serve the users well and also to make them look natural instead of keyword stuffed.

#2. Segment Your Audience and Have a Menu for Each One of Them

Every property website has 4 defined groups of audiences that are given as below:

A- Property Owners

B- Tenants

C- Property Management Services

D- Realtor Referrals

Your website should have all the above 4 items in order to make it easier for your audiences to choose the page that specifically caters to their demands. If you spend more time understanding the needs of your customers then there would be reduced bounce rate and more time spent on the site. Both bounce rate and time on site/page are important metrics that Google considers while ranking any web pages.

#3. Have a Blog to Enhance Internal linking and to keep your site fresh

A blog is a great way to keep the bots busy looking for unique and fresh content. Having lots of fresh content on a regular basis will indirectly help you to rank for many keywords and grab that extra amount of traffic on your website. If you are still a newbie when it comes to creating a blog then head over to TheBloggingBuddha which provides a free beginners guide having step by step instructions on how to start a blog.

Having a blog helps you to get the following benefits:

  • Increase search engine traffic by ranking for many keywords.
  • Maintain an active social media presence by continuously sharing unique and high quality content.
  • Improve your site’s internal linking structure.
  • Build brand loyalty that will help you to further increase your conversion rates.
  • Attract authoritative links because blog posts act as link baits.
  • Rank for long tail keywords and increase your leads.
  • Increase your subscribers and maximize the potential to grab more customers.
  • Effectively spread Page Rank on your site.

#4. Have User-Friendly Landing Page Content

The content of the landing pages has to be user-friendly and unique. Google prefers pages that present content in a manner that no one else has presented. Consider some examples below to have an idea as to how you can create an effective landing page:

RightMove has a landing page that has text content, images, form for easier property search and bright colored CTA buttons.

Zillow has an interactive foreign buyer’s guide where QA style content is published. Notice the 4 points located on the right side of the page that make it easier for the user to jump to the section that he/she finds more relevant.

zillow has a large CTA button with brightly colored images randomly changing on the background. The page has sufficient text, images, internal links, mobile app links, query form etc.


#5. Embed Google Maps

Embed a Google map to make it easier for your audiences to locate a property. In order to embed a map, you need to insert a piece of HTML code in your web pages. Don’t worry, it’s really simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Visit
  • Select the address to which you want to link and add location map to the website.
  • Choose the type of map.
  • Specify the width and height of the map.
  • Click on “Generate my code”.
  • Finally, paste HTML code in the source code of your website.

As an example, you can view the Move Inn Estates Southall page of Home (one of the popular property websites in UK) where Google map has been embedded for easier location targeting.


#6. Include Testimonials and Maximize the “Bandwagon Effect”

Testimonials and videos play a huge role in improving the overall effectiveness of your website. If you want to really pull in the buyers then you should have the “Bandwagon Effect” felt on your site. If a person sees another person satisfied after dealing with a certain company then he/she feels more confidence into dealing with the same company. Hence, testimonials are a great way to amplify this Bandwagon effect and drive some potential leads. Moreover, client references are an awesome way to get more business and having testimonials will surely benefit.


Awesome! You are on the right track to generate some good business leads. Remember, SEO requires patience and creativity so even if you implement the above changes, please wait for some weeks before you actually start seeing something positive. Also, don’t forget about backlinks as site popularity is one of the major ranking factors that Google considers while ranking any website.

Have you implemented any other SEO strategy for your property website that has given you some positive results? Please let us know in your comments below.

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