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6 Easy Tips to Create Viral Content

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Content marketing is the future of online business. Now, you’ve heard this so many times that it might sound stale. But this remains true anyhow. So, if you have a business, you have to engage in content marketing. And you can do it in many ways. But you need to have a clear goal. And when it comes to

#1. Find the Questions for Topics

To start with, it is essential to ensure that the topic that you are writing on is of great interest to your target audience. So, the best way to find it is to participate in the discussions in various forums. And remember, the topics that you choose need to have the answers or solutions. So, you have to look for the most searched questions on these forums. And those can be the title of the content you are writing.

So, finding the right topic is surely going to be the key to creating viral content. And this quick tip from Neetzan Zimmerman, a genius at creating viral content, can be of great help: “Human interest stories and stories that inspire people are the bread and butter of the viral internet”.

#2. Write a Catchy Headline

So, you’ve found the right topic for your content and have created it properly. Yet, you find that not as many people are reading it as you would like them.

So, where have you gone wrong? 

There might be a lot of things missing. But what affects the viewership most is the way you have created the headline. Hence, when you are looking to make your content go viral, focus on the headline.

So, what should the headline do? 

Here’s a quick look at the role of the headline of your content.

Role of Headline

So, you must learn the tricks to create great headlines and implement them to get the best results.

#3. Add emotion

It has been observed that those contents get shared the most, which are:

  • Inspiring and motivational
  • Humorous
  • Emotional

So, when you are planning to create viral content, it is essential to ensure that your content touches some of these emotions.

Ever wondered why these contents, especially in form of social media posts, are shared so much? Because they make you feel the emotion.

Many of the posts make you feel the joy or sorrow, while some posts are exciting enough to ensure that you leave some comment on them. And the motivational quotes are among the most shared ones as well.

#4. Publish at the Right Time

Being trendy is the call of the day. Almost every person who visits the internet looks for new and latest information. So, you need to provide them with that.

So, you have to ensure that the information is relevant and cater to their needs. The best possible way to achieve it is to share up-to-date facts.

But even after doing that you may find that not many people are sharing your content extensively.

So, why is it happening?

Ask yourself a simple question.

Are you choosing the right time to share the content?

You have to choose the peak hours to reach out to the readers. And those are usually early morning and late night. That’s when the readers are in a mood to go through content that might not be related to their professional fields as well.

So, if you can share them at the right time, you might see your content going viral.

#5. Post Regularly on Social Media

Social media plays an extremely important role these days in marketing your content. So, the best way to spread the word about your content is to share them on social media. There are several advantages that social media offers you. The social media posts are:

  • short and crisp
  • attractive
  • easy to share

If you can create really enchanting content for social media, you can expect them to get shared extensively. But for that, you need to post on various social media platforms at regular intervals. And you have to understand the requirements of your social media followers as well. Because if you do not share relevant contents that interest the followers, they are surely going to stop following you on social media. But if the content caters to their expectation, you can expect them to share it, thus helping it go viral.

#6, Visual Content is the Key

Visuals can do the trick!

It might surprise you, but it’s true. Just have a close look at the contents that go viral. See, most of them are either images or videos. And there are many reasons for that.

Here’s a quick look at some of the statistics, which define why you should depend on visuals, if you really want your content to go viral:

  • 60,000x – that’s how faster human brain processes visuals compared to text
  • 100% more time is spent on pages with visual content
  • 94% more views than texts are acquired by visuals

Adding a photo to your tweets or Facebook posts can increase viewer engagement and shares manifold. So, when you are planning to create viral content, it’s a good idea to rely on images and videos.


Viral content is already quite popular in the digital world and it’s surely going to be the future of online marketing. So, it is essential to embrace the ways that will help you create content, which people will love to share. Thus, your content can go viral in the blink of an eye.

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