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6 Blog Promotion Hacks You Need to Do Right Now

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Due to rising competition, brands need to have a blog in order to generate posts as per their audience persona. It is important for brands to remain connected with the customers and a blog is the perfect place to do that. Creating a blog is easy but promoting it becomes a daunting task. The first step is to prepare an amazing blog then the entire effort goes into marketing it. You must be spending a good amount of money to create content for your blog but alas! Traffic is still missing. No need to spend a fortune to promote your blog. Follow the below hacks for blog promotion in order to generate the traffic you always desired.

#1. Use Tweetables, Convert Text into Videos and Tag Influencers

Allow users to easily share the content of your blog by using tools like Clicktotweet or Tweetdis. You won’t believe but Twitter has the power to generate tons of traffic. A simple WordPress plug-in like Tweetdis will convert boring text into tweetable quotes and allow people to tweet your content.

It is also recommended to tag influencers whenever you are tweeting in order to educate them about your content. Tagging influencers certainly helps as a single retweet from an influencer will divert lots of highly relevant traffic to your blog.

Another great way to promote your blog is by converting text into videos. Services like Wibbitz allow you to convert text content in your blog into shareable videos. People love stories and videos are a great form of interactive storytelling. Just start sharing videos and witness the traffic jump.

#2. Share Your Post on Reddit, Hacker News, LinkedIn and Product Hunt

Reddit: Reddit gets over 71 billion page views each year. In order to become a redditor, you need to share their passions. Start sharing relevant posts on subreddits and increase your followers. Slowly and gradually you will start receiving the engagement. Only post great content, have fun with the audiences and address their concerns readily. Reddit is probably one of the few sites that offer a high conversion rates from the referral traffic that it provides.

Hacker News:  Participation is the key when promoting on Hacker News. Write a post that’s relevant for the audience. You can introduce your ideas and products on the community and watch ideas come by. Just at the right time share your money post and boom, you hit the jackpot!

LinkedIn:  Post links, images and videos that are relevant to your audience on a regular basis. You can even share Slideshares. Post early in the morning and make use of LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Pulse. Always remember to read the rules of groups before posting or else you will get marked as a spammer. Also, LinkedIn Pulse receives a massive exposure and you can easily divert traffic to your main blog by posting quality content on LinkedIn Pulse.


Product Hunt:  If your blog is about products then look no further than Product Hunt. It is the curation platform for the best new products. You can register and start sharing latest products with the community unless you start receiving the desired engagement. Then, just when the time is ripe, share your main product and get the golden engagement for your product.

#3. Make use of Taboola and Outbrain to Reach Targeted Audiences

Both Taboola and Outbrain and great services to gain traffic. You need to have some budget before you start using these services. If you have a decent amount of budget then leverage the combined power and influence of Taboola and Outbrain to divert tons of relevant traffic to your blog. You can easily get favorable media coverage, video reviews, spark social engagement, acquire loyal visitors from world’s top sites, generate high volume of leads, connect with customers across the purchase funnels and drive conversions.

#4. Switch Over to Semantic Email Marketing – It Works!

Semantic email marketing is the granddaddy of all forms of email marketing. Under this form, we make use of Schema Markups in order to increase CTR and conversions of our emails.

The addition of semantic markups in your email makes them interactive and embedded with call to actions. You can add the following types of Gmail actions supported by

  • RSVP Action for Events
  • Review Action for Restaurants, Movies, Products and Services
  • One Click Action for Just About Anything
  • Go to Action for Complex Interactions

For more information, please read – Semantic email marketing using Schema Markup.

#5. Leverage the Power of Content Curation Communities like Triberr and QA Sites like Quoras

Very few marketers make use of Triberr to generate traffic and in case you are the one then I suggest you to start using this site from today. Triberr is a community where bloggers and influencers come together to read and share great content. Here are some great ways to promote your posts on Triberr:

  • Build your following by sharing around 3 posts on a weekly basis.
  • Comment on Triberr post and share a few thoughts in order to increase your trust factor.
  • Be consistent with sharing great content and interacting with others.
  • Build your own Triberr network that is relevant to your expertise.
  • Share articles of persons who share your articles and network with them.
  • Use paid marketing to get your post on top of the stream. (Sshhh!! It’s one of the cheapest deals to get relevant traffic).


You can also make use of QA sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers to get that extra engagement. Networking and providing quality answers is the key. If people start liking your answers and rate it up, you will slowly start to gain your reputation. Thereafter you can easily share your posts on new answers that are relevant to your niche and watch traffic come by.

#6. Do Email Outreach and Get Listed on High Traffic Sites

Email outreach is an extremely powerful way to get traffic and backlinks to your main blog posts. The concept is simple, find influential bloggers who share the same passion and connect with them via email outreach. Follow the below steps:

  • Build an outreach list.
  • Design some amazing templates. A normal template can be like this:

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name].

I follow you on [Social Media Site] and noticed that you shared one of my favorite articles [Article Title].

That is such a great post. And it’s a great blog.

I was hearing from my readers that they wanted something more in-depth about the topic so I went ahead and created this post: [URL]

If you have time I’d love for you to check it out.


[Your Name]

(Adopted from Quicksprout)

  • Create an outreach schedule by using services like MailChimp and Boomerang.

Simple, you are ready to shoot emails and gain more traffic.

With a clear strategy and some hard work, you are ready to roll. Patience is the key to reap long-term engagement. If you are aware of any new hacks that you have recently used to divert traffic to your blog then please let me know in the comments below.

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