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5 Tips For Effective Brand Management

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How powerful is a brand? Amidst all the talk about marketing, sales and SEO, a subject that is just as important but is rarely discussed is the subject of brand management. Visit the top business and marketing blogs online and you’ll see very little said about this.

Before I share a few tips, I believe a case study will more effectively communicate the power of good branding. So the tips in this post are inspired by, which was recently purchased by Reputation Changer for six figures in an attempt to supercharge their brand.

The Case Study

Formerly Reputation Changer, is a great case study in effective brand management; with revenue growing at a massive scale and an increasing need to increase marketing spend, they needed to make a change in how they were branded and positioned. As a result, they purchased the domain name and rebranded themselves.

There are many advantages to this but the major ones are:

  • The new name communicates their purpose better.
  • The rebrand resulted in quality media coverage on major sites like Techcrunch. This is expected with a six-figure purchase of a premium domain name like
  • It’s easier to position themselves as an authority.  With the former name they were constantly stuck in the shadow of competitor, With the rebrand, however, it became easy to position themselves as the top in their field; helping businesses effectively manage their brands
  • They had more control over search rankings.  This is very important, considering how much reliance people place on search engines like today. Type “ reviews into Google to see what I mean.

5 Lessons from on Effective Brand Management

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can borrow a few pages from’s book. Here are some key lessons:-

# 1. Make sure your business name properly communicates your message

The first step towards customer satisfaction and effective brand management is to properly communicate your message; you can do this by ensuring your business name and domain name properly communicate your message.

In’s case, while the initial name, Reputation Changer, to some extent communicates their message, a major challenge they had to deal with was with competing with; in most cases, it’s easier to confuse Reputation Changer for and as a result their marketing efforts was benefiting a competitor.

However, by switching to a more memorable domain name, not only did they get out of the shadow of a major competitor but they can stand out and will be the first to come to mind when people think of a solution to managing their brands.

The effectiveness of this approach is beyond doubt, with a commenter going as far to say the following on a Techcrunch article covering the rebrand: “The new domain name gives a more accurate depiction of the firm’s services. Managing a company’s online reputation takes real branding skills. This is an art and not a science. Just another example of how Reputation Changer is ahead of the curve.

# 2. Build relationships with authoritative sources that provide brand reviews

A quick search for the term “ reviews” on Google shows this in action; the first few results are from and when you dive deeper into the results, you’ll start seeing coverage from authoritative sites that cover Some of these results come from USAHerald, TechcrunchMediabistro and Technorati.

You don’t necessarily need a large budget to do this and you don’t have to get coverage on Techcrunch to be successful at it; you can start by building relationships with authoritative blogs in your niche.

Sometimes, you’ll need to pay to get coverage and sometimes you’ll get it naturally by building relationships and pitching your brand at the right time; however, the most important lesson is to ensure you’re able to control what people say about your brand online, at least to some extent.

# 3. Create social media profiles for your brand

If you don’t have profiles on social media sites, now is the time to start building up your profiles.

It’s easy to ignore Facebook and Twitter but the reality of having active profiles on these sites isn’t always about direct ROI, most of these sites have authoritative domain names that rank very easily for relevant keywords in Google.

If you have an active brand profile on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other relevant social networks, these profiles will also be displayed when people try to find you.

# 4. Contribute regularly to relevant blogs

A lot of brands are starting to realize the importance of content marketing when it comes to shaping their presence online; instead of having negative reviews about your business rank for brand terms, you can take control of your search results by becoming a regular contributor to authoritative blogs in your niche.

Gradually, you’ll start to build authoritative, content-rich profiles on these sites and your profiles will eventually start to rank for your brand-related terms; people will see this when they search for your brand and will be more likely to check out what you have to offer.

# 5. Make sure your product/service is exceptional

This is very important. While the above tactics might help your brand for awhile, if your product or service is not exceptional, the number of negative reviews about your brand will only keep increasing and it’s only a matter of time before they start outranking you for brand terms.

If you create a good experience for your customers, they’ll write about it wherever they can and this will further help your brand image.


It’s interesting how many lessons you can learn from one business; the above are key lessons I learned from analyzing reviews online.

Do you know a major website you think is doing a great job of building a clean brand image? What lessons are you learning from them?

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