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5 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About Modern Marketing

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A lot of people may think that a career in the real estate business is like a walk in the park. After you have built a series of apartments, you might think that you’ll just come in as the landlord and collect the rent and rack up money the easy way, right? You’re wrong about that. The real estate industry has stronger demands than ever before, especially with the recent technological advancements and the hunger of people for instant and the “right now” kind of information.

It is important to assess yourself if you’re up to the demands of the real estate world; and once you’re committed to it, it is time for you to take the next step and equip yourself with the trends in virtual and modern marketing for real estate.

One of the reasons why real estate agents should learn about modern and digital marketing is that technology is much more efficient that traditional marketing practices. This can save you money on expenses such as printing, and renting an office space. More importantly, your customers are getting more tech savvy than ever before, and you need to be visible online to be able to tap into quick communication channels to reach them better.

If you’re searching for the secrets to a good real estate business with the use of modern marketing for real estate to rev up your business, worry no more as the 5 things that you need to know are listed below and can apply to many other types of business too.

#1. Inbound Marketing Tactics for Greater Web Presence

Technology and the internet are now considered as a prime asset in the real estate industry, and now is the right time to go online. Creating a website is not enough, especially if you don’t regularly update it. Your customers want fresh and relevant content every time they hit the ‘search’ button in finding real estate properties such as a house, apartment, or a condo.

The National Association of Realtors reports in their 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Tech Trends that 9 out of 10 buyers used the internet to look for a property, and over half of the total buyers started to do their home property search online. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these people looking for you.

Inbound marketing is your best bet for your improved online presence since this strategy is focused on getting found by customers.

  • These include using content marketing strategies and online platforms so that you are able to reach your target customers.
  • Properly distribute your content through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Have your SEO expert check and syndicate it from site to site so that links are built and you’ll have greater visibility in search engines.

Don’t fret about the expenses since inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than the traditional outbound marketing. This strategy doesn’t just lead you to potential customers; they also help you generate more revenue.

#2. Blog about Your Real Estate Business

Statistics show that 57% of businesses found their customers online through their blogs. To join these businesses that are able to meet their customers just by blogging, make sure to set up and update your company blog on a regular basis as part of your online marketing strategy. This should be one of your top marketing strategies, since blogging can help your business to be more engaging with your customers through your blog content.

For example, you can easily answer their inquiries on condo buying after reading their comments on your latest blog post about condominiums. Publish more, and you’ll strengthen your web presence with your regular content. People will be more likely to find you online through your blog posts.

#3. Going Mobile with Your Market

Home and property buyers are indeed going mobile with smart technology, since 45% of them use a mobile or tablet to search for a property, with 22% of mobile customers being able to find their dream home and buying it through a mobile application. Real estate industries have seen the importance of these technologies, as 83.6% of agents who earned between $50,000 and $100,000 did invest $2,500 for technological features to improve their businesses.

Because most people are always on-the-go, make sure that your real estate business is also on mobile for you to prospect buyers and renters in a more effective and faster way. Some of the best effects of smart technology to real estate industries include fast transactions, having a virtual workspace through different apps that saves you time, and faster exchange of messages.

Check if your website is able to support mobile access for phones and tablets. If not, update it by creating a web design that’s friendly for mobile device users.

#4. Utilize SEO Techniques Properly

Once you have created your real estate business’ website, it is not enough that you just add in content there once a day without utilizing good search engine optimization (SEO) practices. SEO will really help you in managing your online presence well so you’ll be able to meet your targeted customers online.

With the help of your trusted SEO expert, be sure to pick the right keywords and phrases for your content and your real estate website to be able to stand out from your competition in online search engines. Using keywords properly especially in your titles will help search engines to push your website to its top rankings.

More importantly, prioritize content relevance. Also, check if you are producing content that are related to your other web posts. Include an internal link back to those content so that users can easily backtrack relevant information previously published.

#5. Brand Your Business with Videos

You can easily integrate video marketing in your real estate business by producing videos that are compelling and interesting. A good way to start is by creating a video series that talks about what you offer to your potential customers. This will allow users to expect more from your uploaded videos and raise their anticipation, once the right videos are produced.

California’s real estate agent Greg Geilman has a “meet-the-agent video series” that features his listings and client testimonials of property owners that enables people to know him better and his real estate business without being pushy and being too salesy.

These 5 important things can serve as your first real estate guide to modern and digital marketing and are sure to propel your business to greater heights, if used in the right way. Remember that your fellow agents are also adopting the latest trends in technology for their businesses so be sure to keep up with the latest online marketing strategies for you to reach your goals.

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