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5 Simple Tips To Turn Your Blog Readers Into Customers

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Do you want to convert your blog readers into customers?

Of course you do, that’s the goal of any business blog. But the problem is in knowing how to write a blog post that does that. So I guess the question is this – what secret ingredients will make a customer say “I’m ready to do business with your company”?

Luckily for you, it won’t remain a mystery.

Getting readers to trust you

Getting a reader from point A (reader) to point B (customer) is a

How to write a blog post with credibility

Credibility is key when it comes to turning your readers into customers. And although writing with credibility is more work, it’s that extra touch that makes people not only like you, but trust you as well.

But how do you write with credibility?

There are actually 5 key ways to generate trust and credibility between you and your readers, and it all starts with these tips. Implement them all and your readers will become customers in no time.

#1. Use data and statistics to back up your claims

If a person backs up their claims with numbers and statistics, it’s an instant credibility boost.

For instance, if two people were presenting the claim that they could boost your blog traffic by 100%, but only one showed the data proving their strategy increased their traffic, who would you believe more? Exactly. If you want people to spend their cash on your business, give them numbers to prove that you’re not “all talk and no results.”

So learn how to write a blog post with evidence to back up your claims.

Need help finding research? The blogging experts at Buffer App have exactly what you’re looking for.

#2. Write case studies on your best success stories

Nothing boosts credibility more than a case study.

Not only do they show that your business gets good results for customers, they also show how you got those good results as well. Here’s an example of a well-written case study, and you can see that the two most important elements are there:

  1. The good result (over 17,000 visitors in a day)
  2. Step-by-step instructions on how to get the good result

If you make your case-studies as well as that, then your readers will be that much closer to becoming a customer.

#3. Infuse your personality into your writing

If you had to put your trust into one of these two speakers, which would you choose?

  1. Dry, robotic, jargon-filled speaker
  2. Honest, genuine, conversational speaker

You’d pick number two, know why? Because they’re speaking to you like a real person. You can relate to them far more than the corporate robot, so you’re much more likely to do business with them.

Now I’m not saying be this “super nice blogger,” but to simply learn how to write a blog post that’s genuinely natural. Check out this post by blogging expert Jon Morrow, he flat out says that your blogging strategy might be “mostly a load of crap.” He doesn’t pull his punches and it feels real, this most likely contributes to the high comment rate in his blog posts.

Besides, you can’t really fake being genuine. Well, you can try, but, just like in real life, people can usually tell when you’re faking it. So don’t fake it, let your personality speak in your blog posts. If you’re serious, be serious. If you’re friendly, be friendly. And if you’re light-hearted, be light-hearted.

Just remember to balance it with your company’s brand and tone, you’re still a professional representative, after all.

#4. Quote authorities in your field

Quoting authorities in your field proves you know what’s going on.

It shows you’re not just all talk, and that you’re a real connection to the important figures in your industry. And people love quotes, just check out this post which generated over 26 comments (so far) on Tweak Your Biz.

You don’t have to compile them like that, but an authoritative quote here and there will up the perceived value of any blog posts you write.

#5. Focus on the customers needs and wants

At the end of the day, your business blog isn’t about you or your company.

It’s about your customer.

It’s about their needs and wants in relation to your business. Show them you care by solving their problems and connecting them with resources that improve their lives – for free. When people see that you actually care about them, they won’t think that you’re just out to take their money. And when people start to trust you and your advice, they’ll trust you with their money as well.

Over to you

What methods do you use to boost your blog posts credibility? Leave a comment with your reply because I’d love to try them out.

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