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5 Reasons You Should Start A Drip Marketing Campaign Today

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You wouldn’t have a store on the Main Street and not hang an “Open” sign on the door. Some things in business are so basic that we do them automatically.

Then there are things that should be so basic that every business owner does them automatically, but for some reason many don’t. A drip marketing campaign falls into that category. To quickly define the term “drip marketing” we’ll say that it’s a series of planned contacts with a prospect.


And for our purposes, we’re going to discuss automated email drip marketing campaigns, and that leads to our first reason you should start one today.

#1. Drip marketing campaigns work

A copywriter friend does the newsletter for a home cleaning service. One month the business owner got him involved in the company’s drip marketing program and he was stunned by how many prospects converted to regular customers each month.

You could certainly design a bad campaign, but if you already have some good content available and good offers, there’s no reason your campaign can’t deliver fantastic results.

#2. Drip marketing campaigns don’t require your time

…once they’re set up. You certainly need to plan your campaign, but once you have it set up, it will run itself until you decide it’s time to tweak it. Sales reps don’t need to make weekly calls. Most drip marketing campaigns start out with a short burst of daily emails – usually for one week – and then they are sent less frequently.

This puts a premium on the quality of the content you offer upfront. Be certain that it screams “value.” You want to make it sufficiently beneficial to your recipients that they open the next day’s or next week’s email.

#3. Drip marketing campaigns keep you “top of mind.”

Winning the pole position for the Indianapolis 500 is a big deal because being first off the line is a major advantage. Having your business be the first one that a prospect considers when it’s time to spend some money is extremely valuable. A well timed and well written drip campaign accomplishes this.

#4. Drip marketing campaigns build your brand.

Let me say two things about your brand, whether it’s your personal brand or your business’ brand: you want it to be well known and recognized; and you want it to be identified with certain qualities. If you offer great content or excellent offers in your drip marketing emails, they will be shared. By the way, don’t forget to build social sharing into your emails.

Also, your emails represent your moment “in the spotlight.” You can say exactly what you want, how you want to say it and represent yourself precisely the way you want to be seen by others. You’re in total control. You can be the information expert, the cost leader, the business that’s quirky and fun, or any other brand distinctive.

#5. Drip marketing campaigns can reengage cold prospects.

Folded in with a CRM app, you can come up with tactics that get the prospect who has gone cold warmed up again. And once you have some history with your drip marketing campaign you can fine tune this process for increasingly better results.

You magnify your sales force several times over with a well-designed drip marketing campaign. Gearing one up should be as natural as hanging out an “Open” sign in the morning.

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