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5 Game-Changing Website Tools To Watch Out For In 2015

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“A good craftsman never blames his tools,” as the saying goes. In online marketing, however, there are times when website performance falls on the tools used. This is because not all website tools are created equal – some are just better than others, based on the needs of owners for their websites.

It is important, therefore, to know the best and awesome website tools available that will help achieve their online business goals.

As more and more marketers, including yourself, are smartening up and applying the best practices to boosting their website performance, the margin for error is getting smaller and smaller. More than that, marketers will end up using the same tools that will put you and your competitors at a standstill.

In this case, you need to find new awesome website tools that will put you over the competition.

As 2014 draws to a close, below are five up-and-coming tools that will give marketers an edge and make your website better than ever!

#1. Hostt


Why is this awesome

To run a robust and flexible CMS like WordPress, you need to purchase a web hosting where you can save the files for your website. Maintaining your web hosting on a monthly basis can be costly especially if you’re running on a tight budget. With Hostt, a web hosting company that offers FREE and UNLIMITED hosting space, you won’t have to worry about the upkeep! Instead, you can use the money to invest on other tools to boost your website.

Why is this something to watch out for

The site is relatively new and is still under construction. But once the site officially launches, make sure to be one of the first converts to this potentially awesome hosting service before your competitors.

#2. SumoMe


Why is this awesome 

If your site is not being run by WordPress and wish to enjoy some of its free plugins allowing you to build an e-mail list, generate leads for your business, and make social sharing easier, then SumoMe is the tool for you. Aside from these feature, this website tool also provides website owners to sensitive website data like the Content Analytics and Heat Maps features to make their website perform better.

Why is this something to watch out for

SumoMe is a relatively new website tool that continues to add new features for webmasters to supercharge their sites. Expect more free options coming your way next year to add on your site.

#3. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool  FREE Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

Why is this awesome

While Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest are tried and tested tools normally used for keyword research, Keyword Tool is a free alternative to the aforementioned two that uses Google Autocomplete to provide more than 750 suggestions to the keyword you entered. Aside from offering keywords to use for Google, Bing, and Youtube, Keyword Tool has a feature that allows you to search the best keywords for your app store.

Why is this something to watch out for

Whereas Google Keyword Planner is intended for selecting keyword groups for AdWords, marketers still use this tool to determine the keywords to use for their link building and content marketing campaigns. With Keyword Tool, SEO and content creators now have a dedicated tool that will deliver them keywords that users actually search for.

#4. Roojoom

Roojoom   The Content Marketing Platform for Guided Browsing

Why is this awesome

Roojoom is an interesting hybrid of content marketing and lead generation platforms. The content created using this tool is called a “roojoom,” in which you can link to online and offline materials such as articles, videos, and PDF files to tell your story. The ability to generate leads using its sign-up forms and CTA buttons that will appear at the end of your roojoom is a paid option. Once published with the lead generation feature in place, however, you can guarantee to streamline your sales funnel using your roojoom, especially when you embed it on your website or blog.

Why is this something to watch out for

As with most of the website tools listed above, Roojoom is a new company that has lots of potential once marketers realize its true value. Roojoom will soon get there, especially with their vibrant customer support team that tirelessly offers help to its member.

#5. The Grid


Why is this awesome

For non-designers looking to create stunning business websites, The Grid is their one-stop solution! The site uses an AI website builder that will do the hard work of designing the site for you.

Why is this something to watch out for

Just throw out the text, images, videos, and other elements you want featured on your page and The Grid will arrange them for you! The site also has auto-color correction, smart cropping, automated A/B testing, and other innovative features that will change the way you look at web design.

Now that I’ve listed the website tools that I feel will make a dent next year, I turn the mic to you: what do you think are other up-and-coming website tools to watch out for in 2015? Share them here by commenting below!



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