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5 Factors to a Well Customized Facebook Fan Page

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As more people are venturing into the world of social media, Facebook has remodeled itself into fulfilling both personal and professional needs of its ever growing user base. We all know how Facebook Fan Page works strategically as a publicity tool. It may not take too much time to create one, but for a page to be well customized, there are at least 5 factors we need to take into considerations:

1. First Impression: The Landing Page

Imagine when you’re passing through a busy street, which shop will most likely capture your attention? Could it be a crowded shop or a catchy signboard? If not, probably something else that is memorable or related to your needs. Even you may not crave for a service now, but the visual impact can stay in your mind longer than you can imagine. Same concept applicable to a fan page. Whether it could be a specifically designed Welcome tab or Wall posts, make sure your landing page is impactful enough that leads to further interest in knowing more about your business.

2. Engaging Conversations: Discussion & Posts

A conversational fan page is a lot more attractive than a sole broadcaster. Prepare a discussion board and allow open posting so fans can feedback to you easily. Moderate incoming comments and respond to them diligently. Fan page represents a guest room where people come to visit and been attended to less-officially. All open discussions and network activities will be observed by millions of passer-by. Maintain a good PR with your supporters is a perfect testimonial of how you catering to your client’s needs.

3. Customer Friendliness : Informative & Social Profile Tabs

Here¡¯s a tricky part ¨C you ought to think about the attractions for your fan page. Give your new and existing fans good reasons to stay and participate. Let it be your outstanding networking skills or the specialty you can provide for your service. In addition to that, make sure you can be reached easily. If not always on Facebook, let them know how you can be contacted by a visible Skype and Twitter account.

4. Business Branding: Reviews & Testimonials

After everything has been taken into account, the only question now is how reliably the fans can trust you as a service provider? Many people neglected the impact of a social networking site’s word of mouth can travel far. If you are going to put your brand out there in the open, do make sure you are dedicated to this networking mission. If you have a satisfied customer, request him for a service review. Make use of your fan page as a live testimonial to be witnessed by all.

5. Call to Action: Join as fans & visit Main Site

Can you convert your visitors into fans after all the impressions? Have you setup an email listing box for them to be contacted? How about Email Newsletter for existing fans? Always be reminded that Facebook fan page is a platform to reach out, to bond. The ultimate destination will still be your main site where more information and references can be obtain easily with less distractions.
What would make a well customized fan page in your opinion? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments.

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