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5 Companies Using Cutting Edge Apps for Successful Creative Marketing

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Marketing is all about cutting through the clutter.

Customers find themselves bombarded with advertisements. Literally everywhere they turn is another company attempting to wrangle their hard earned money out of their pockets, for a product or service, be it online or over the airways or in print media. Let’s face it – standing out is a challenge!

However, there are some companies that use cutting edge apps that allow customers to engage in the process in ways that were previously unimaginable. The access and integration that come with this new wave of creative marketing are leading to success for new and established companies.

#1. Uber

What’s innovative about Uber is it’s cross-platform marketing strategy that hits every note for users and potential users.

Where it starts with Uber is referrals. Its free ride program allows users to give and receive free rides. That kind of word-of-mouth marketing is golden in any industry. Related to that word-of-mouth notion is the Uber review system, which includes a rating system for drivers as well as for passengers, giving everyone involved insight into the process that builds tremendous trust and encourages a positive experience from both sides.

On the less utilitarian side of marketing are the stunts that Uber pulls. Whether it’s famous people suddenly popping into an Uber or drivers delivering kittens to offices, Uber has learned to tap into a vein of excitement. This is particularly successful with the millennial crowd.

Make no mistake – while Uber has definitely broken the mold in terms of its business model, the reason for the success of this company is its willingness to  push the bounds of cutting edge marketing.

#2. Domino’s Pizza

The story of Domino’s Pizza and the near magical turn around that this company has created through innovative marketing is nothing short of incredible. It’s mostly due to the massive overhaul in the company’s products, but the marketing that spread the word about it is equally important.

With the launch of its Domino’s Pizza USA app, this pizza giant became the leader in online ordering. Not only can customers conveniently order their food online and have it delivered or pick it up, they can also closely track their order from start to finish. There’s no more waiting for the pizza guy with this app. You can just swipe on your smartphone to see if your pie has even made it out of the oven yet. Customers never have to talk to a real person until the food is ready and there are other boons like saved orders and special offers.

It’s not just tracking though – Domino’s offers detailed customization of its products before ordering. Customers find themselves with an incredible amount of autonomy on choosing toppings and in customizing the style of their pizza. All of this right within the app in an easy to navigate format. The company that revolutionized pizza delivery has revolutionized how to get it delivered.

#3. Amazon Prime NOW

The idea of getting something delivered to your home with the convenience and speed of running out to the store has finally been added to the list of possibilities with Amazon Prime NOW. The service lets customers get their within just hours of their online purchase.

So far, Prime NOW is only available in large, metropolitan areas, but that’s expanding rapidly. Customers can order through the app and have those items delivered to their doorstep within two hours. The most popular items are groceries, which means that customers can keep from running to the store just by opening up the app.

Amazon has seen tremendous growth in Prime NOW since its launch less than two years ago, with one quarter of Prime subscribers using this service already. With almost fifty million Prime customers right now, that’s a massive chunk of money and a successful add-on.

#4. PokemonGO

No app has sparked a fervor like Pokemon GO. The initial weeks surrounding its launch made it seem like nothing else was happening in the world. Pikachu and his pals were everywhere as the craze swept the nation.

The takeaway for marketers in regards to the Pokemon GO experience is that what we really want is magic. That sense of wonder is the primary driver in the success of this app. Pokemon GO built a personal relationship with each and every user. This was not an experience being thrust upon users. Instead, they felt incredible autonomy and empowerment every time they used the app. The more that companies can give power back to the customer, the more invested they will become.

#5. TurboTax

It’s always in vogue to complain about doing taxes, but Turbo Tax is working hard to make their brand the go-to for people to get this unpleasantness taken care of easily and painlessly. One of the core pieces of their strategy in recent years is to integrate their tax services with their mobile app to allow for a simpler experience.

Turbo Tax is going to a “mobile first” model, offering options through their app that aren’t available on the desktop version like the ability to scan W-2’s and 1099 forms that then upload information seamlessly.  There’s also a video calling option that allows users to speak with tax experts face to face. Why all of this works so well for TurboTax is because they’re building on their strengths. The company was already great at answering questions and importing information, now they’re using technology to enhance the user experience in those two areas.

The more that businesses capitalize on the things that they already do well by adding in mobile tech components, the more successful they’ll be. The app experience must make sense in the context of the service provided, and Turbo Tax provides a perfect model.

Each of these innovative marketing ideas offer users something new and functional. These are products and services that provide value and are delivered in creative ways. Could your business benefit from a cutting-edge web or mobile app?

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