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5 Awesome Tips On How To Market Your Website

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As a marketer, I’ve worked with many startups some of which have gone to clock huge revenue. As we consult with clients every day, one of the questions that keeps popping up is how a business can market its website.

In today’s post, we look at 5 of our top tips on how you can market your website without spending millions in ad dollars.

# 1. Create great content

Great websites are driven by compelling content. If your blog content is at the least boring or ordinary, do not expect to get significant traffic from search engines or social media. You should craft a content marketing plan that will guide you in your quest to achieve your business goals. Seek to educate and entertain your visitors with your content.

Your content should be optimized to address the needs of your audience and also rank well on search engines. B2B Social Media indicates that B2B companies that blog frequently generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. Therefore, you should consistently produce great content both to rank well on search engines and establish your site as an authority in your industry.

# 2. Follow your prospects on social media

Regardless of your industry, some of your potential customers are hanging out on social media sites. Your work is to identify the prospective customers and the channels they use, and let them know of your website.

Most businesses choose to start their social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. This is understandable given that Facebook is the leading source of referred social media traffic at 26%, followed by Twitter at 3.6%. B2C companies are more likely to find prospects on Facebook while B2B companies will do well marketing their website across LinkedIn groups.

# 3. Drive traffic through search engines

Regardless of how professional your website is, if it cannot be found on search engines, you will be playing a losing game. You need to understand your offer and how it relates to your target market.

Ask yourself “What do customers type on search engines when they are looking for my company or products?” This question will help you identify the keywords you should target and the topics that you should cover on your website to generate traffic. According to Marketing Charts, search engine leads have a 15% close rate, which is higher than the close rate of referrals, paid search, social media and outbound leads.

# 4. Use video presentations

Video is another great advertising technique that, unfortunately, many SMBs don’t think of. Videos are great because they are interactive and people are more visual in nature. According to BIA Kelsey Group, videos increase user engagement which results in increased phone inquiries by 16-20% and clicks for more information by 30-40%.

Your video content should be part of your overall content strategy of educating and entertaining your audience. Create authentic videos with definite calls-to-action and measure the impact of the content on your traffic, leads and sales.

# 5. Advertise through pay per click

Most SMBs are reluctant to use PPC to advertise their offers. You could have burned money in the past in PPC campaigns that saw negative or meager ROI. PPC does not however have to be expensive if you understand your target market and know how to approach them. If you want instant traffic and leads to your site, PPC is your best choice. You can partner with a reputable PPC agency to jump start your campaigns.

The above 5 ways will help you to generate quality traffic and leads on your website. Which other tips are you using?

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