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4 Creative Ways To Use Stickers And Decals For Branding

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Want to increase your brand exposure? As many people as you can reach out to, you’ll never be able to reach as many people as those people can. How can you take advantage of this? Take these “first ring” consumers and turn them into brand ambassadors. One effective way of doing that is by using stickers and decals to spread awareness of your business.

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#2. Use the Youth

Kids love stickers, and can often be used as channels to their parents – and their parents’ purchasing decisions. If your product and sticker are age-appropriate, why not give them out at community fairs and events? Having their kids covered in decals for your business is sure to get your name to “stick” in Moms’ and Dads’ minds.

#3. Work Your Network!

Family members, friends and clients can all be called on to help your business spread its reach. Stickers and decals are cheap marketing tools, so don’t be stingy – order in bulk and give a handful of stickers to anyone you interact with on a regular basis. Do this casually and without being pushy, and it has the effect of widening your pool of prospective converts even further than your original reach.

#4. Don’t Forget Yourself & Your Workers

You and your employees are your business’ biggest cheerleaders, so put a sticker on your car bumper (or the window, if you’re concerned about your paint job). Put one in your window at home, decal the back of your laptop, use them as clever alternatives to business cards. Ask (but don’t require) that your employees do the same and you’ll get enthusiastic advertising from them as well. Pop a sticker onto outgoing mail.

Using your own branding materials shows potential customers that you’re not just serious about your business, but that you stand behind it, 100%. Some new customers may even ask for their own, building you more free advertising opportunities!

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Your sticker design is critical, given that you’re hoping to intrigue and convert new customers with only a few seconds’ impression of your brand. Your company’s information must be clear and easily readable. Your potential audience will encounter these visual representations of your business for a moment here, a moment there – on car windows, as bumper stickers, as decals on tech like laptops, smart phones and tablets, envelopes and packages seals and more. If they can’t get your message within a second’s glance, their opportunity to take in what you’re saying might be over before your sticker design has the chance to convert them.

Carl Robinson from WebDesignerHub also provides some great advice:

“Even if you have an amazing design, keep in mind that printing on cheap vinyl is going to mar the entire thing and create an impression you never wanted. If you choose to get the stickers printed on some premium stock with the impressive varnish coating, you know you are going to get the best results.”

Once you’ve got a great design, you’re ready to start spreading the word!

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