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3D Marketing: Is Everything Better In 3D?

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What was once a two-dimensional media world is now a three-dimensional place we live and breathe in. Everything is becoming almost tangible with explicit visualization and presentation, certainly amplifying the viewer experience. Not only that, businesses are opting for better and innovative ways of marketing their products to the world. And what better way to do that than to turn to 3D marketing, right?

The 3D Experience

First and foremost, 3D marketing enhances consumer experience. And doesn’t that make for a great marketing strategy? The best way to entice a consumer is to let him “get a taste” of what he’s about to hold in his hands even before he makes the purchase. There is nothing more convincing than letting him experience the product first-hand. This is

Speaking of which, 3D advertising is great in breaking language barriers since it’s already showing the consumers all they need to know. Copywriting gets highlighted, although the challenge is to show it in the most understandable and universal way possible. Various companies have utilized this strategy with the likes of Ralph Lauren, PlayStation, and Adidas. Some have delved into using 3D projections which is what the brand Ralph Lauren did in London last 2010 when it showcased its merchandise via 3D projections onto their own company building. It surely captured the world’s attention and, not to mention, was highly reinforced by the media.

Amidst all the 2D noise

In a world where more and more media content are produced each day, it really pays to stand out amidst all that media noise. 3D marketing is one way of doing that since it easily grabs attention and gives that “wow factor”. Even artists make use of 3D projections during their concerts to enhance viewership experience (remember Beyonce’s explosive Superbowl performance?). It’s not only appealing but, more so, memorable which when situated in the marketing industry, makes a make or break situation. It also creates some sort of drama by bringing a product or a company to life. Suddenly a product becomes more than how people normally see it. For example, in the case of Adidas, it enhances movement, and therefore excitement, to their sportswear merchandise. It certainly adds another dimension to the whole consumer experience.

Who can benefit

Automobile companies are at the forefront of benefiting from using 3D marketing since they will be able to showcase their automobiles with great precision and visualization. The consumers can get ahold of the different automobile features available from the comfort of their own homes. This is possible through 3D renders which are digital products that can be easily viewed, shared, and promoted. This enables them to make better decisions and a sound judgement. Plus, there’s no need for 3D glasses.

The real estate industry also greatly benefits from this since, as mentioned earlier, it is capable of showing an architectural design as realistically as possible. It depicts a complete scene which will leave all questions answered and the consumers satisfied.

Bespoke companies can also profit from this since it enables them to better illustrate the uniqueness of their products. They can use 3D presentations in order to really engage their consumers and, since the consumers will be calling the shots on this one, they can show any customization and/or adjustments made in the design clearly and as soon as possible. For instance, when people hire companies to renovate their backyards, the customers can be presented with various options regarding renovation design so they can be thoroughly informed before deciding on anything. This will save them future money losses upon renovation since they’ve already foreseen possible disappointments and/or problems, leaving them satisfied with the company’s services.

The real issue

In the end, it all boils down to how companies utilize their marketing strategies. This means they can only be as successful as they allow and make themselves to be. Although, granted, some may benefit more than others since 3D marketing seems “better” suited for them as illustrated above.

3D marketing is just like any other marketing tactic. No matter how brilliant it may be, it won’t work when it lacks vision and when poorly executed. After all, 3D marketing is just a tool. The brain is the company itself.

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