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3 WordPress Plugins To Get Your Business Blog More Traffic & Shares

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Ever feel like your blog posts are well-written, but lack that special something that’d make them that much better? Maybe you look your articles over and think “I like what I wrote, but have I really maximized the potential of this article?”

Truthfully, there’s more you can do – but do you know what that something that your blog posts are missing is? Read on to find out.

Missing WordPress plugins

The problem you’ve got – this feeling that your blog posts aren’t optimal – is caused by you lacking some useful wordpress plugins.

These wordpress plugins are there to ensure you blog posts not only get maximum exposure, but also make sure you haven’t skipped any important steps in the writing process.

But with thousands of wordpress plugins to choose from, it’s no wonder you aren’t aware of the ones I’m talking about. After all, what business owner wants to take time out of their day sift through tons of blogging tools?

3 WordPress plugins your blog posts need

Luckily for you, I took the time to gather 3 simple wordpress plugins for ensuring your blog posts get maximum exposure and never miss a beat. Just take a look and try out the ones that sound the most useful for your blog.


A smart way to highlight important text is by bolding or italicizing it.

But if it’s really that important, then why not take it to the next level and create easy-to-tweet quotes?

With Tweetdis, you can select any text in your blog post and make it tweetable. All the reader needs to do is hover over it and it’ll prompt them to tweet it. That’s it.

It’s even possible to get up to 200% more tweets when you implement tweetable quotes, so this wordpress plugin is more than worth looking into.

#2. Seo Yoast


SEO Yoast is a superb wordpress plugin for business bloggers new to SEO. Though you still have to do your own keyword research, this plugin makes integrating the keyword into your blog post pretty simple.

SEO Yoast checks your writing after each blog post update you do in WordPress.

Enough keywords in the blog post? Check. Keywords in the meta description? Check. Enough outbound links? Check.

It’d be really hard to screw your SEO up with this plugin, and since it automatically pops up once you get to the bottom your wordpress blog post, you naturally transition into the SEO process as you finish up. Pretty convenient, right?

#3. Good Writer Checkify

This WordPress plugin allows you to custom-make a checklist for your blog posts.

good writer

So it’s similar to SEO Yoast, but instead allows you to create any tasks for your checklist to contain.

(As opposed to Yoast’s SEO specific tasks).

For example, if you find you always forget to update your headline after writing out your article, you could add that your checkify list so you don’t forget to do it. Or if you routinely forget to optimize the flow or order of your blog posts, you could add the task “Edit blog post for flow and order.”

You can add up to 10 different tasks to your checkify list, more than enough to ensure your blog posts are fully done.

Over to you

What tools/wordpress plugins do you recommend for making sure your blog post’s are optimal? Leave a comment below with your answer because I’d love to try them out myself.


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