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3 Tools to Help You Fall Madly In Love With Content Marketing

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Your business needs a content marketing strategy. If you’re not quite there yet, you should, at the very least, have an onsite blog. Companies that write onsite blogs get more web traffic than companies that don’t.

Once your onsite blog is in good shape (aim for about 15 posts a month), get moving on content marketing. Content marketing is not something that is done willy-nilly though. You need a plan, a strategy and the proper tools.

You’re probably a little skeptical, or even a lot skeptical, about the idea of loving content marketing. Perhaps that’s a stretch. These tools will help make it less painless and maybe in time, you will like it!

#1. Keyword Density – The 2014 Definition

The content you write has to be good. It won’t get very far if it’s nothing special. For SEO purposes though, you do want to think about keyword density. That used to mean writing your keyword over and over and over throughout the article, even if it didn’t make sense or sound coherent.

You’ve seen those articles that look like this: “If you need help with landscaping north Springfield, you can find the best landscaping north Springfield all year round. The best landscaping north Springfield has all your needs for the best landscaping north Springfield. When you are working on your landscaping north Springfield lawn and garden this fall, here are a few tips will help you with your landscaping north Springfield…” That type of writing doesn’t cut it anymore and hasn’t for a long while. Find a way to naturally work in a specific search term so it’s about one and a half percent of your article. If the keyword you want to use doesn’t fit naturally into your content, don’t force it—find a keyword that flows with your content.

Keyword density helps search engines, like Google, figure out what your content is about. You might conclude that the higher the density, the better—not true. When the keyword density is too high, Google is likely to get the signal that your articles are spam, and Google does not like spam.

Use this keyword density checker to help you hit that keyword density sweet spot.

#2. Content Marketing Idea Generator for the Reluctant Writer

If you don’t love to write, coming up with an idea may be difficult. There are tools for people like you. These tools exist because even the best and the brightest are prone to writer’s block; author F. Scott Fitzgerald and cartoonist Charles M. Schulz suffered from writer’s block!

If you’re stuck, your mind goes blank, you’re paralyzed with fear, overwhelmed by doubt, RELAX. Portent’s Idea Generator is one place you can turn for help. You simply type in the keyword you’d like to write about and it will give you ideas that may, at first glance, seem a little crazy, irreverent, or even stupid. For example: a search on the keyword “vegan” came back with these ideas: The Hunger Games Guide to Vegans, The 14 Worst Vegans in History, Why Vegans are Cuter than a Kitten. That’s the kind of thing that inspires content marketers to think differently and take a stab at writing about unconventional themes related to their industries.

#3. Content Editor – Because Haven’t You Done Enough Already?!?

You’ve got your keywords all figured out, generated ideas, overcome writer’s block, written a great article with those keywords just flowing right through it and there’s still more work to be done. If you’ve had it, you’re exhausted, don’t ever want to do this again, you can understand why people hire people to handle this content marketing business for them. But you’ve come this far! Don’t quit now. Good news on the editing front; another tool that will relieve some of the pressure!

The Hemingway App is a content marketing tool that checks the complexity of your sentences, word choices, and syntax. Use the Hemingway Editor to edit your content and make sure it’s readable.

Next Stop, the World Wide Web

Now, you’re ready to put your content out there into the world wide web. As if that’s an easy task! Who said this was going to be easy? Read Where to Begin with Content Marketing for some advice. While you’re developing your content marketing strategy, get in the habit of posting your content on your social media pages. And consider adding press releases, infographics, videos and other types of content to the mix. Content marketing is a big job, but you gotta do it!

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