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3 Situations Where “Snail Mail” Would Mean The World To Your Client

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In this day and age, anything can be done with the click of a button. Entire conversations can be held in 140 characters or less. You can buy things from halfway around the world with incredible ease. Businesses can exist and advertise almost exclusively online. Everything is fast, efficient, and relatively easy.

But much of the business world has gotten so used to the comforts of the e-universe that they’ve forgotten the value of the traditional ways of business. One such oft-forgotten practice is the use of traditional mail.

The upside of traditional mail

Traditional mail — or “snail mail,” as it’s been branded in the Internet age — is frequently regarded as wasteful, expensive, and slow. Yet, in reality, traditional mail adds great value and validity to a business. It’s a memorable, personal touch that can only be achieved when you have a physical object to hold in your hands. When you send a personal note, letter, announcement, or advertisement via mail services, you’re supplying each recipient with a physical copy to read and keep; it’s much easier to remember something that’s stuck to your refrigerator or above your desk than something buried deep in your inbox.

Traditional mail has evolved a lot over the years. Anything you might need to mail can be picked up from your office, stamps can be purchased online, and packages or letters can be tracked with ease. You can now also outsource your mailing needs; companies such as or send physical letters from documents or emails you’ve uploaded. They’ve even revolutionized international mail by having your documents and letters printed and mailed locally, so you pay domestic rates rather than international ones.

3 situations where you should choose snail mail over email

There are many ways traditional mail outweighs electronic communication. Here are just three situations in which traditional mail has the upper hand:

# 1. Sending a personal message

Whether you’re sending your thanks, your condolences, or your congratulations, a physical card or letter shows a greater level of thought and investment in the message than its electronic counterparts. It’s more deliberate and meaningful, demonstrating to the recipient that you took the time to sit down with a pen and jot a note, rather than type a message on your phone. A physical letter really makes an impact.

# 2. Confirming addresses

Sending a letter or package with an activation code attached will allow a company to confirm that the recipient lives where he says he lives. Companies offering digital services can help avoid chargebacks and can comply with the “Know Your Customer” legislation by sending traditional mail with activation codes. You’re also protecting your customers against identity theft by seeking confirmation on their purchases, an action they’ll greatly appreciate.

# 3. Meeting legal requirements

There are some documents that still have to be sent by mail in order to meet legal requirements. This process ensures that the recipient received a copy of the document and has it in his possession. A tangible copy of a document is also more likely to be kept than an electronic version — reducing the number of headaches your team may endure.

Advancements in technology have made communication easier and faster, but traditional mail can still reach more people around the globe than email can. Businesses should remember the many circumstances in which the benefits of “snail mail” far outweigh the mailing costs, proving to customers that you’ll take the extra step to personally reach out. Taking advantage of the ways traditional mail has changed and evolved to be faster, cheaper, and easier for business use can really set your company apart from the rest — and make a lasting impression on your clients.

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