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3 SEO Services Your Business Needs in 2017

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SEO can make or break your company. A successful SEO strategy will get you  recognition and thousands of dollars, but a failing SEO strategy could negatively impact your profit.

In the worst case scenario, people might not even recognize your brand or find your site on Google.

But what if you’re a complete SEO newbie?

You have no idea how you can rank first on Google. You know nothing about social media promotions or content marketing. You’re starting from scratch.  And, you’re too intimidated because you lack the experience.

The good news is that you can always outsource an agency to do the SEO for you.

Although, what services would you want them to do?

In this article, I’ve compiled the top three SEO services that you  need this 2017. I’ll explain why each is important so that you can decide whether or not you need them to boost your business.

#1. Focus on Mobile Optimization

Statista estimates that 4.77B people will be on mobile by 2017!

This means that if your website is not on mobile, then you are missing out on a lot!


Without proper optimization, website visitors could encounter a lot of problems . They might click broken links, attempt to watch broken videos or be redirected to a Page 404. Obviously, these scenarios are a complete turn-off to potential customers. After all, who will trust a business that can’t  even manage their own website?

So, how do you solve this problem? 

The answer is mobile optimization.

Say, whaaaat?!

Mobile optimization ensures that your site has a great user experience. This means that your site design, page speed and site structure should have good ratings across all types of mobile devices.

For example, let’s say you have a blog post. In an optimized site, your users can easily read your content and scroll down on your pages. They won’t see texts that are too small, accidentally click links or view interstitial pop-up windows. They’ll have a good first impression of the site, because they had a good experience.

Not surprisingly, mobile optimization is not just valued by users, but by Google too.

The search giant plans to decrease the authority of sites, which are not mobile-friendly. Meaning that if your site’s not optimized for mobile, then you should get it done right now!

#2. Social Media Optimization

It’s great if your post comes out first in search engine rankings.

But search engines are only at the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to promoting your content.

After all, people don’t just buy a product or service because they saw it on Googles Search results. Instead, they rely on referrals.

They buy products that their friends love, talk about their favorite brands on Facebook, and get tagged by their friends in interesting ads or sponsored posts. As a result, they might not trust brands until they’ve heard about them via word-of-mouth. In fact, Nielsen found that 84% of consumers trust the recommendations made by their family and friends about products and services and 67% are likely to purchase after a family or friend shared the product in social media.

This is the gist of social media optimization.

It ensures that your brand has high share counts and popularity counts online.

It’s also one of the main catalysts for a businesses’ rise or fall.

If you need an example, then look at Silicon Valley. Uber and Airbnb’s business models primarily rely on referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. Customers rent Airbnb’s that have good product reviews, and customers trust drivers with good ratings on Uber.

But, it’s not just consumers who follow this line of thinking.

Now, Google thinks the same way too.

The search giant’s new search algorithm has a better perception of content that has a lot of share counts. 

Meaning that if your site’s not optimized for social media, then it’s time to take the leap.

It’s important to note that social media optimization is not just confined to popular social media sites.

The presence of your content and links in blogs, industry forums and interactive communities could do wonders for your online visibility. In these channels, you can offer actionable advice and killer content that can turn viewers into potential clients. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Start optimizing your social media accounts to skyrocket your brand’s online popularity.

#3. Leverage Content Marketing

ThinkCreative found that businesses with blogs gain 126% more lead growth than those without blogs.

Meaning that if you don’t offer great content, you can’t generate leads. 

But … creating great content, isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You don’t just pitch articles based on what your writers want to write about. Instead, you conduct a keyword research to figure out the keywords people use. You then utilize SEO services to ensure it gets on the first page on Google. Afterwards, you promote it on social media or republish it in other credible sites.

And, it’s also a matter of consistency.

People won’t subscribe to your site’s resources if you only publish once in 6 months. After all, people flock to sites that offer a lot of relevant content everyday. Think about Hubspot, Moz, SEM Rush, Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg. These high-authority sites didn’t become successful overnight. They got to where they are today, because they published consistently and took time to build their authority.

But if you don’t have the time for content marketing, then that’s perfectly okay.

You can always work with content marketing agencies or hire freelancers.

 This way, you have a great lineup of killer content for the rest of the year .


So, let’s recap what we covered today.

What do you need for 2017? In the end, it all comes down to optimization and content. 

Optimize your website for mobile use. Promote your business on social media. Get in touch with influencers and high-authority sites to write guest posts. And, don’t forget to stay consistent throughout the year.

If you don’t know where to start, then that’s perfectly okay. You can easily find SEO and content marketing agencies on Google.

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