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3 Call Center Monitoring Tools Used to Boost Customer Experience

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If you are in the call center business, every call and every phone interaction with a customer is important and must be adequately monitored for quality. An appropriate level of call center monitoring, often referred to as CSM in the industry, is only attainable with attention to three aspects of customer care, which are analysis, measurement, and feedback. These basic aspects of customer care are likely addressed in your business, but boosting customer experience is all about having the best call center monitoring tools in place to address these concerns at the highest level possible.

There are three necessary monitoring tools you should work to incorporate in your call center to evolve customer satisfaction into an entirely different entity without grueling hours of sifting through phone conversations on your own, including speech analytics.

#1. Quality Call Recording Software

An actual audio representation of the interaction between a customer and agent is vital in any call center setting. This information is not only used to boost customer satisfaction because of the ability to track down where interactions go wrong, but is an invaluable training tool for future employees as well, and a wise investment in the security of your business.

You can always double tap into an agent-customer conversation to listen to the call, but having the conversation in a recorded state means that the information can be reused and replayed as often as necessary, even if a customer calls back in the future with questions about a prior experience.

Why This Tool Necessary 

Not recording your calls in your call center is a sure-fire way to find yourself with long-term customer service problems. Recording every call makes it possible to help agents grow with their own skills and eliminate flaws that could be getting in the way of achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Points to Consider:

  • Advanced options are available with high-end recording software, such as call-in-call monitoring and continuous recording even during manual sound recollection during a call.
  • Obtaining fully recognizable and audible audio files as a result of a customer-agent interaction is the only way to guarantee you get the best analytical reports from speech analysis software.

#2. Speech Analytics Software Applications

Speech analytics technology goes far beyond the basic measure of recording a conversation between an agent and customer, which will offer an instant measure of the basics, like call duration and hold occurrences. Speech analytic software actually assesses an array of  components of any interaction, usually on quite diverse and complex ways, according to the voice of the customer.

This software is also used to record a transcribed version of the entire conversation for a data file, which is always something that is good to have around. Speech analytic software in the most advanced form can actually detect changes in emotion in a customer’s voice and relay this information in real-time while an agent still has the customer on the line.

Why This Tool Is Necessary  

Speech analytics offers a microscopic assessment of customer interactions. Just having this one software in function in a call center will open up doors to new levels of information and retrievable data that would otherwise be impossible to keep on file for the long-term. Speech analysis fulfills one of the three primary components of call center customer care, which is analysis, but is also a necessary tool for data measurement.

Points to Consider:

  • Cloud-based speech analysis streamlines all gathered data in one easy-to access place and is definitely a benefit of some of the more advanced plans.
  • Speech analytic software is highly complex in its design, but the best companies offer constant support for users with questions and some even offer employee training materials as well with a purchase.

#3. Advanced or Multi-Channel Text Outlet Monitoring

Even though call center speech analytics during the call will almost always be the primary focus for customer experience improvement, there is an advanced level to be considered with every customer and that is textual interactions. Social media posts from consumers and clients, email messages through contact forms, and even blogs and forums are all examples of text communications with customers.

Text monitoring would involve collecting all of this information into a company profile that is categorized according to the location and information. When your call center employees have access to the data collected with text outlet monitoring, they will find it easier to address customer concerns in a timely fashion, which is vital during a call.

Why This Tool Is Necessary 

Multi-channel analytical software is necessary for supreme customer service in a call center because it makes it possible to keep tabs on all incoming information from various business sources. You may have calls that seem successful, but are followed by a rant in written form on a survey, which is an example of something that will be important for the agent to know if the customer calls again so they can work hard to better the customer’s outlook about the company.

Points to Consider: 

  • Advanced text monitoring is typically available as a third-party software service and can be beefed up to meet your demands.
  • Text monitoring software can often have the ability to monitor agent actions during the call and follow the caller once the agent has released the line to record their further actions, such as a brief customer service survey.

Call center monitoring when implemented correctly helps to ensure your business success and your knowledge growth in the customer service industry. Take a look at what monitoring tools you have in place within your call center and be sure to make the necessary advancements. In the future, your employees, customers, and even you will be glad you did.

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