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3 More Apps For Dynamic Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is a valid part of a digital marketing campaign. While it may not necessarily lead to sales, social media marketing is particularly useful for capturing leads—especially if you’re active in a community. For example, something like

In my time, I’ve tried and tested numerous social media marketing listening and monitoring apps, and these are my unbiased opinions of which ones work best. We’ve already got a list of ten social media monitoring tools, but here are three more that deserve a place on that list! So here we go: three social media monitoring and listening apps to make your social media marketing campaign a success!

#1. FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is a Twitter analytics app from Moz. Moz, of course, are the big players in digital marketing, so it goes without saying that their social media marketing app comes highly recommended. So what does FollowerWonk do that makes it worth using? It follows the same framework as its listed counterparts, but I use it primarily as my listening and monitoring app for any and all social media marketing.

  • Search Twitter bios. Searching Twitter bios mean you can target a specific type of person. This is especially useful when you’re starting out and you’re trying to find people to follow who might follow you back.
  • Compare Twitter users. Who are your competitors targeting? This is your way in.
  • Analyse Followers. FollowerWonks’ ‘Analyse Followers’ tool is so useful. It gives you information on time of activity, time of posting, sex, age, etc. This information lets you figure out exactly who your followers are and when they’re online, making it an invaluable tool in any social media campaign.
  • Track Followers.
  • Sort Followers. Another self-explanatory tool that facilitates further categorising.

social media marketing graph from FollowerWonk

#2. SDL SM2

SDL is probably the best social media marketing app!

SDL is a monitoring and listening app that’s so important to any social media marketing campaign. So what is the truth behind the tagline? As with the other tools on this list, it allows you to categorise your followers and manage them as you need to. Options are detailed, so you can pick and choose what’s applicable. As it is a listening app, you can listen to social media multi-platform on email, web, and your typical social media network. Super useful to any social media marketing!

Use SDL properly and you can optimise your social media stream and really target your market.

Though I swear by FollowerWonk, I will concede that SDL is probably the most detailed app available for any social media marketing strategy. It will set you back a few bob though!

#3. Viralheat

Viralheat, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is another social media monitoring tool. Social media marketing campaigns are made particularly easy with the magic of Viralheat by capitalising on social media to discover key influencers and important users in your network.


Viralheat, unlike the others on this list, has a particularly great location aggregation tools that allows you to pull location-central information. Viralheat uses real-time monitoring to witness important conversations as they’re happening, collate info from Twitter, Google Buzz, YouTube, and Facebook.

So what are its key features?

  • Influencer Analytics. Handy for figuring out what your industry’s influencers are saying and how to jump on the bandwagon. We can learn a lot for the influencers in our industry, so it’s important to see what’s hot and use it as a springboard for our own campaigns.
  • Viral analytics. Viralheat’s Human Intent technology is pretty unique: it’s trainable and can learn how to generate leads from mentions—so much so, it can determine spam for proper engagement. The analytics, too, are raw data translated into usable graphs right on your dashboard.
  • Sentiment analysis. To beginners, sentiment analysis seems odd—robotic, but there is a science to sentiment that can’t be ignored. Sentiment relates to feelings and grouping your social media data by feelings categories. It’s an interesting thing to keep an eye on and adds a certain human interest to a very computerised tool.

Powerful, Viralheat is integral to created a successful social media marketing campaign.

Whichever tool you use, choosing and implementing monitoring and listening tools is the key to success in any social media marketing campaign. With so many tools widely available, success really is at your fingertips.

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