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2020 Is on Board so Are the Marketing Trends and Strategies

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Bringing you the best trends for marketing strategy for 2020 deduced by experience and experimentations which you need to flourish your business.

We have finally made to the much anticipated new decade-the 2020 which unfurls better marketing opportunities. The zeal of entering this new decade has got us beat up the drum but also stirred up a foresight for strategies to exhilarate our marketing in 2020. The marketing of today has outgrown the initial advertising to proficient business strategies.

The constant altering strategies have contoured the marketing vanguard every other year.

The cross-functionalist team of analysts, marketers, writers, architects have their heads joined to deduce better and rock-hard retirement goals in the marketing niche.

In this blog, we focus to present more and more personalized marketing trends. We are not only suggesting the group but also individual-oriented marketing strategies to ‘nudge’ you to reach your goal at successful marketing.

Data-Driven Marketing

The marketing has been a story of times- starting from the mass marketing times to direct marketing times and then to digital marketing times. Now in 2020, the Data-Driven Marketing strategy triumphs at the throne of the marketing niche.

Data-Driven Marketing is a fundamental business and advertising strategy. It is a strategy based on the client’s information and relationship for better marketing.

It is used to meet the needs and desires of the customer by using its information. Information from the company about the user approach to make improvements for online marketing campaigns, optimize social media communication, develop user-related content, targeted topic planning on optimal timing.

The mounting need for Data-Driven Marketing can be improved using certain integrate new tools and technology to create an automatic process and avoid an error. The presence of a collaborative team is essential to flow the data uniformly across departments for better marketing. A major chunk of Data-Driven Marketing is keeping a watchful eye to the competitor in the context of learning and improving. Just like some other industry Data-Driven marketing also goes through frequent new updates. Thus, it is very essential to keep track of these updates for a better approach.

The data-driven marketing branches itself into certain aims: personalized marketing, transparency of the message and better product development.

By employing the enriched data, marketers can foresee the customer needs and reactions to a particular campaign. The data-driven marketing extends its experience above email by using ads across channels and automated marketing campaigns and feedbacks ensuring the right timing and place of the message.

Many brands employ customer experience surveys to improve services and enhance certain points of marketing. This can be judged by tracking the time limit of a video, an ad is played on social media or when a product is rated on social media and websites.

The data can narrow down a customer’s taste/ interest and be open a way to retargeting. Suppose a customer is a travel enthusiast and used your travel company to visit a ski trip in Courchevel. That customer can be retargeting by sending him a few ski deals and land him once again! Just like retargeting- Data-Driven Marketing can be employed by using paid optimized search and email campaigns based on the customer’s information gathered.

Project Management Systems

2020 is the year when we break the stereotype of marketers not being strong project managers. The trend of 2020 is to use project management to put your marketing strategy at a better organized and cataloged length with the help of the GanttPRO. The GanttPRO offers competitively designed 2020 marketing templates through which the marketers can have a better approach to their business. It provides competitively designed tools for team collaboration and the comfort of the customer through its innovative features. The Gantt saves 45% of your time management, rises 50% of your team’s efficiency, 75% of reduced deadlines and saves 36% of the expenses from project management. The loop of satisfied clients, the ability to take immense workload, custom working days, refined comments and notifications, time log and auto-scheduling make a GanttPro a prior trend for project marketing in 2020.

It is highly essential to articulate the importance of the marketing strategy you are practicalizing. Hence, project management is a key trend for the marketing strategy of 2020. Efficiently driven management brings forth competitive advantages and shortened timelines by eliminating the need to hire extra people. The Gantt Pro helps in- Project Planning, Task Management, Document Storage, Project Cost Tracking, Investment Plan, Independent, and Collective task management.

The project management opens up to a whole world of specs and tools. These can monitor market research and demand, render the structural and financial business cases, coordinate the sales plan of a particular product in the market through predefined templates of GanttPRO. These templates provide a roadmap for better marketing strategies in 2020.

So with the idea of GanttPRO project management you can keep the nightmares of email correlation, canceled transmittals and missed milestones at the bay.

It is a key strategy for 2020 as everything is better when organized through GanttPRO.

Personalized Marketing

The rapid technology chase will be the marketing strategy of 2020 along with the overwhelming customer experience. The more human inclined marketing is known as Personalized Marketing. The customer feedback, employee management, and Content Visualization will be a big chunk of the marketing strategy 2020.

The modern-day shift of ideas and perspective derives the new marketing strategies of 2020. Gone are the days when marketing was confined to advertisement and popularity. The 2020 marketing strategies prioritize customer satisfaction and personalization.

The advancing online experience leaves less passive customers to help your school about the product rather they make their way researching a particular product. This shift of more independent customer demands personalized marketing to go beyond the pale strategies and provide a whole package for a particular product. Companies like Facebook have their marketing satellites turned towards a total customer experience for a while now.

As per a survey carried out by Epsilon; 80% of the customers agreed to do business with a brand that approached personalized marketing. This newer and more human marketing strategy of 2020 can be tailored to a wider audience through knowledgeable employee engagements, better visuals for the personalization of the customer. So it’s time to say good-bye to conventional advertising marketing. It’s either go personalized from design to information until the product deliverance or goes home!

Use More Video and Visualization

Everything’s better when seen. Every theory is better when put into practice. Every movie is better than the book (no offense to the book lovers). So does the marketing strategy for 2020. The new decade is going to be more focused on real and graphics, so the video and visualization are the chunks that should be shaped. The perfectionist customer of 2020 prefers a live-video experience than a pre-recorded one. As per socialmediatoday.com, a live video is watched three times longer than a pre-recorded one.

The age of scams and frauds has made the customer keener and research-orientated and video and visualization is the best way to serve the trust of a product to the customer. Just like how a live video on Facebook and Instagram seeks the attention of the viewer. The video is a final nail to break curiosity barriers and turn a viewer into a loyal customer.

The attractive visuals gain the attention of a random scrolled just like how human nature works. Not many of the customers invest their time to read and then absorb particular information. So it’s always better to have a video and visual aid to attract the customer and excel in the marketing experience.

Customer Experience

2020 is going to be a year buckled up with customer experience serving as a prominent marketing strategy. The customer review has never been this pressing for marketing strategy. The growth of online marketing has made a customer more researched and keen. Therefore, the customer demands more perfection.

SEO Will Remain Important

SEO has been a buzz word in the marketing niche but this word has never shushed until date. The same is anticipated for the upcoming year of 2020. So what is SEO? It is a marketing strategy employed to reach a wider audience online and attaining advanced links.

The SEO strategies are going to dominate the SERPS and help you excel in the earnings.

The former BERT algorithm of Google made a lot of hype to 2019. With the extension of voice and mobile search has altered the approach to Google search. The user of 2020 is fast and depends on targeted keywords which as the name SEO suggests; Search Engine Optimization.

Did you know that Google subjects its search algorithms to change an average 500-600 times a year? The marketing of 2020 needs to understand these trends and changing patterns.

The Advanced linking strategy of 2020 increases your website’s domain authority. The creation of links attachment is not only generic dictionaries but guest blogs and paid links. Each of these strategies includes providing content on third party sites that link back to your website. The more the DA points to your website, the more visible you go on the search engines. Thus, better marketing.

The modern-day local SEO strategies revolve around your Google My Business (GMB) optimization, NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency, image geo-tagging, links and further linking engagements with your profile. In 2020 marketers need to pay extra heed to the local SEO strategies to boost up their performance of small businesses. An important strategy of the SEO is the Pay-per-Click advertisement which hones Google Ad words and exhibits better display irrespective of your organic ratings.

In the past years, Google algorithms have become smarter and surpassed the human language keywords understanding. It has been focusing on ‘quality’ of the content and experts see this trend rising more in 2020. So in 2020, the SEO strategy is about keeping a balanced relationship between consumer trends and relevancy with the search engine.

I hope you hit 2020 with the best marketing strategy!

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