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15 Important Growth Hacking Tools You Need to Know About

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Are you considering a startup, or already working on one? If so, you need to use as many tools as you can to ensure your success. This is where growth hacking tools come in. Growth hacking is basically tips and tools that will help your startup succeed. But, you also need to understand the tools that you are using in order to make them work for you. Here are some of the top tools that you need to know about to help your startup grow.


This tool lets you see how your audience behaves when they are visiting your website. You will learn what they are clicking on and what they are not clicking on. Use heatmaps, scroll maps, and overlays. There is a free trial, and then the cost is $9 per month*.

#2. Type Form


This is an awesome feedback service that lets you create really cool surveys that have your own branding. These surveys can also be used by mobile users. You can choose from free or premium plans for services.

#3. Your City Office


Have virtual tools for your real business with Your City Office. Services include virtual office locations, telephone answering, registered address, meeting rooms, virtual PA, and all-in-one packages. Now you can put the money you would have used renting an office to much better use in other areas of your startup.



This is a unique tool for growth hacking. It is all you need to get your Helpdesk, Email marketing, and customer engagement organized. You will get all kinds of reports and statistics so you can track your growth. This is free for up to 250 active users, and $49 per month* for more users.

#5. Unbounce


This is a great tool to help you build landing pages that get results. You don’t even need to be a developer to use it, because it is made for users of all skill levels. You can get a 30-day free trial period, and after that it costs $49 per month*.

#6. Survey Monkey


This is one of the most popular tools for building surveys. It is quite powerful, and can be used no matter what products or services you offer, and your prime market. You can have as many as 100 responses for free.

#7. User Testing


This is a site that lets you get user feedback within an hour. You can set up many different tasks to learn about user satisfaction. Get both written and video reviews of your startup from your customers, and have more and better interactions with them. Prices start at $49 per video*.

#8. Retailcommon


This is a great tool that will help you as an eCommerce marketer to really take on the social space, and do it with finesse. Retailcommon users in Canada have been seeing great results for the past three years, and CEO James Cunningham said, “We introduced this new concept to change the way retailers and consumers think about social shopping”. This is a web-based platform that will let you create and distribute advertising to get more traffic to your website, increase your sales, and help you to engage more with your customers. This is a cloud-based system that lets you manage offers, campaigns, and a whole lot more.

#9. Bounce Exchange


This is the best service for user retention. It sues javascript receptors to learn about the clicking habits of users, and it can tell when they are about to move on to other web pages. Prices vary depending on page views.

#10. KissMetrics


This tool lets you know why your visitors aren’t becoming leads. You will learn more about user activity, see where traffic dies off, and learn how to fix these problems, all for just $150 per month*.

#11. FotoYapp


If you want to go global, you need to offer your services in a number of languages. Unfortunately, if you are like most of us, you don’t speak multiple languages. This is where FotoYapp comes in. You can use this tool to share comments and videos as long as 18 seconds to viewers all over the globe, in 67 different languages. You can broadcast these creations on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and Google+, and make sure that you get as large of a global audience as you possibly can. You can customize your content with this tool, which is super-easy to use. You can communicate with people in their own languages, so there will never be a language barrier again.

#12. MailChimp


This is a tool you need for analyzing your emails. It is the best of the best, and you can use it for free for as many as 12,000 emails every month.

#13. Ocho


This is a video platform that allows you to have eight-second short that provide a “window to the world”. This app is free to download, and your users can reply with videos instead of text. This makes things a lot more personal and social, and more like people are talking to other people instead of faceless names on a computer. This tool has just been introduced recently, and is already gaining popularity.

#14. Optimizely


Intuitive engagement testing lets this tool immediately make changes to your landing pages. It is simple to start A/B testing of your landing pages, and help you to create even better landing pages. This service is free for 30 days, and then costs $17 per month.*

#15. SocialBro


You can do a lot more with Twitter than simply letting people know what you are doing in a few short words. With SocialBro, you can map the engagement of your social audience with an extremely intuitive graph. Then, you can use the metrics to figure out what your true target audience is, based on the people who are showing an interest in the content you are offering. There are some great features with this app so you can manage your Twitter presence, not to mention stats that show you what is working for you, and what is not work and needs work. You can get a 15-day free trial, and after that there are various pricing plans available.

* Prices correct at time of publication

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