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12 Expressions That Measure Online Love

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Today’s model of defining a successful online strategy is to measure the amount of love. FACT.

Ok, so this may seem at first glance a far-fetched term. Measuring something intangible like an emotion is hardly a metric top level online marketers use. They use hard facts – market research studies, visits / source over a one month time-frame, tracking digital campaigns, assessing open-rate numbers against opens, counting visits and banner ads…..etc

But – my dear readers, digital marketers that only measure cold hard statistics are starting to shiver like the Mammoths during the ice age, because as we enter the age of social, the online world is beginning to heat up as everybody expresses online love in a tangible way. To coin a phase – we are adopting esocial.

Social Expressions Social expressions are what makes us human. They are our way of interacting with each other and the world around us. A wave, a smile, a curtsey, a black suit, a thumbs up, a nod. Non-verbal, many globally understood and translated. From children, we learn to express ourselves so that we ‘fit’ in with people and become socially acceptable. Zorka

Expressions not Impressions What are social expressions in an online capacity? This post should clear this question up! John Twohig

Mari Smith Mari Smith’s blog is blasted with the power of love, just take a look at the expressions next to the social media buttons – corrr Mari Smith.

Business Blogs! What, When, Where, Why and How? – Blogging is a wonderful source to gain expressions. Many top marketers and high-profile businesses have caught onto the power of blogging….maybe not the power of love via blogging, but you have to start somewhere. Here is a real humdinger of a post on blogging, with all the know how to go from novice to pro in 60 seconds flat (or however long it takes you to read them).  Sian Phillips

Facebook Apps to Drive Facebook Timeline Engagement And what do these expressions do, other that make us feel all choked up? They improve ENGAGEMENT. Facebook know this, which is why timeline was invented. Amy Porterfield, Social Media Examiner

Fords Social Business Model Seeks Multi Directional Expression Capability (MDEC)  While it may sound like a mouthful, does Multi-Directional Expression Capability (MDEC) shed some light on the idea of social expression? Because if the big boys at Ford are using it, then we must be close.  Tweak Your Biz

 4 Ways to Get Much More From Your B2B Content Marketing So it seems that gaining expressions is all about content, content, content – defining. targeting, delivering content for users and diversifuying. Gareth Cartman

Collective Intellect Interview There are tactics we can employ to influence this expressive behaviour in this artful interview with Jennifer Roberts. Jennifer Roberts and Small Business Trends

When Aaron Met Bruno And remember, text-based blogs are not the only way to go to gain expressions (of love!), you can have a video blog or mix it up by including video. CG Online Marketing

How to use expressions and customise for your own purposes – This example is fan-tab-ulous! it’s an ‘I care’ button for MTV. Clickz

Facebook to Marketers Its Time for a Click to Action The click is just the beginning because it’s the post click that seals the declaration of love. Brian Solis

SOPA Cyber Laws Impact on Business But beware, some online laws could stifle our expressions like SOPA. Small Biz Trends

Using Google Analytics Social Reports To Measure Your Website Content And Engagement in Google+ And the actual expression measurement is easy to monitor if you use Google Analytics. Daniel Waisberg, Analytics.blogspott

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Are you feeling the love online? Do you use your social expressions to measure this love, do you use cold hard stats or a mix of both?

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