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10 Ways to Promote Your Company under a Limited Budget

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Mark Twain once said “Many a small thing has been made larger by the right kind of advertising.”

Starting on a new business can be overwhelming on so many levels, financially in particular. You need to promote your company correspondingly, by discovering new and affordable means of uplifting your brand. That’s the key to success. Still, how do you make your brand reach the top of your audience’s list?

This is what our article will deal with – 10 ways to promote your company under a limited budget. That is an achievable purpose. All you need is the right ideas. And for this goal, we’ve set aside these ideas for you to give them a try.

#1. Design a website

One way of effectively promoting your company is designing a high-quality website. It should utterly represent your company, as the people who’ll reach your website have to be offered a reliable mirroring of your business’ services and individuality.

You want to attract people, so opt for enticing, diversified content. If you manage to capture your visitors’ attention for at least 6 to 8 seconds, the odds are your content has succeeded to engage them. And that’s truly something.

#2. Attractive content

Attractive content can ensure your company’s future success. You shouldn’t overlook this significant aspect. In this direction, you should opt for various ways of advertising your business. For instance, the use of marketing videos has significantly grown in popularity over the last years. A high-qualitative, captivating video will secure your visitors’ engagement and will help you insert your company’s individuality into your marketing message.

You should also consider uploading videos of your product/services on YouTube, as you will reach a wide audience and significantly increase your popularity.

What makes your business different from others? What will make your audience opt for your services instead of a similar business’ services? Reliability is what makes the difference in this view. One way of achieving this is through the use of high-quality, effective video content. This way, you will reach a different sort of contact with your viewers. Potential customers won’t forget a video they truly enjoyed watching.

#3. Online Networking

The correct use of online networking is one of the most inexpensive, yet most powerful means of business promotion. Common social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln and Google Plus can be used thanks to their immense popularity.

Once again, the content you choose to publish on your official Facebook business page for a change is of focal importance. The use of key, focal words or expressions and attractive descriptions is important in managing to engage your audience. Your approach ought to be clear, precise and appealing to potential costumers.

#4. Promote relationships

Another inexpensive way of promoting your company is by establishing a strong relationship with your customers. You need to make sure they are completely satisfied with whatever services your provide them with. Think about it. Once a costumer is fully content, the odds are he/she will come back, and might even tell others about your company as well.

One way of doing this is by launching an e-mail campaign. Create these e-mails to be helpful, informative and, most importantly, attractive. Promoting relationships will never run out of style.

#5. Give away branded merchandise

Normally, this applies if you’re selling something. Nonetheless, if your company’s expertise is based on other services, this principle is relevant as well. The fact is that most of the times, customers are more inclined to trust a brand if he/she was offered the chance to experience the quality of the product/service.

By giving away branded merchandise, you will successfully promote a level of reliability with your customers, which carries a lot of significance in the long run.

If your money supplies are running low and they don’t cover some of the expenses a give-away normally implies, you should simply consider applying for an IVA, in order to handle your finances more effectively. The results will certainly be fruitful and successful, that’s a given.

#6. Ask for referrals

There are many cases in which satisfied customers are willing to provide different businesses with referrals on their merchandise/services, but they’re not being asked to do so. Don’t lose out on the beneficial impact this can endorse on your company’s future progress.

In this direction, you should simply consider using this inexpensive means of business promotion, and possibly you will succeed to attract new customers. Just dare to ask.

#7. Distribute coupons 

Distributing coupons or offering certain promotions to loyal customers will undoubtedly help you uplift your brand. It will certainly help you win the loyalty of your customers, as well as increase your popularity. According to researchers, even the smallest discount a coupon may present will manage to uplift your brand. You don’t need to offer 50 percent offers. A 10-15 percent discount will do. Just give it a go and you’ll see for yourself.

#8. Run a contest

Organizing a contest can effectively generate the uplifting of your brand’s popularity. How does it work? Simply organize a contest that provides the winner with your company’s services/products. These sorts of social initiatives always manage to raise awareness and grow the popularity of the company involved.

#9. Make a difference in your community

You should begin your company’s promotion in your own community. In this direction, you should consider sponsoring a local sports team for instance. You don’t have to donate large amounts of money.

Your local sports’ team will be happy to accept your sponsorship and wear your logo on their equipment. What audience is your company targeting? After having answered this question, think about effective ways in which you can obtain front contact with your audience.

#10. Distribute business cards

If you get in contact with important people who are in search of your services/merchandise, you should consider distributing business cards. They might further provide you other significant relations. Also, you should learn to include a business card in every letter you send out. Additionally, make sure it describes your company attractively and effectively.

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