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10 Useful Tools to Write Compelling Content

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Every article you write should convince the reader to take action. Only compelling content will get the reader to take action. So what makes your content compelling? So irresistible to your audience that they tell their friends about it or share your content on social media. After all, that is what you want an engaging piece of content to do for you, right?

What do readers want to hear from you? You content needs to mesmerize your reader. Based on a research done by analyzing

This is easier said than done for most writers, especially if you are a novice writer. Writing these days not only has to be grammatically impeccable, but it also needs to enthrall your reader. Just thinking about making your content gripping can make some writers nervous.

Thankfully, technology has evolved so much that any help you need is now just a click away. There are applications, tools and online websites that can help you with your writing. Now, writing a riveting piece of content that encourages readers to take action became that much easier. Here are 10 tools to help you construct spellbinding content.

#1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

According to Tom Schulman, “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world”. Every great thing in this world started with a single idea. Ideas are very important especially in the life of a writer.

A great idea is the foundation of a compelling article. However, it is difficult to generate ideas sometimes. Sometimes it is tough to find inspiration and writer’s block happen. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator to help you spark up your imagination. Just enter a subject and the tool content generator will make suggestions to you. It will randomly give ideas and titles based on the subject you enter. It might provide you with the exact title you need, or at least, get your creative juices running and your ideas flowing.

#2. Coffitivity’s Helpful Ambient Sounds

Moderate amount of ambient sound is helpful for creativity. Coffitivity will give you options for background sounds while you are writing to enhance your focus and creative cognition.

Too loud and too silent environments are not conducive for writing. This tool provides just the right kind of noise to help you focus and boost your imagination.

#3. Cision’s Intuitive Social Media Management

One of the principles of creating gripping content is to appeal to the emotions of the readers. The best possible way to get an emotional connection is to get to know who your audience is. Cision will help you analyze the interests on behaviors of your target audience on different social media platforms. It allows you to gain valuable intelligence based on trends and conversations across different social media channels.

#4. SumAll’s Number Crunching Tool

Statistics are important to support a writer’s claim. One way to establish the credibility of an article is by including statistics. SumAll will do the hard tasks of dealing with numbers so you can focus on other parts of your content. It sums up all the relevant data on social media platforms, website, and e-mails to provide significant statistics you can use to generate compelling content.

#5. Topaussiewriters’s Reliable Reviews

“Two heads are better than one”, is a clichéd statement that you need to apply in your writing career. You need to ask for help to be able to create the best content possible. There are plenty of reasons why you should have a writing partner. It can be difficult to get legitimate and secure help. Topaussiewriters will assist you in choosing the best among the rest. This useful tool provides infographics and data you need to pick out the right service that is the most reliable too.

#6. Marketo’s Predictive Content Tool

This tool will enhance your productivity by telling you what kind of content you must share based on demographic and behavioral criteria. Marketo will help you engage the visitors with the right content based on machine learning and predictive analytics. It will allow you to find out what content is mesmerizing and which ones are not.

#7. Evernote’s Idea Recorder

Compelling ideas strike everywhere. Research on the forgetting curve reveals that within an hour, people will forget 50% of the information presented to them. Do not allow great ideas to be thrown into nowhere by recording them no matter where you are. Evernote lets you capture, develop, and share your thoughts across different devices and social media channels. It allows you to take note at any moment and find it quickly when you need it.

#8. WriteWell’s Jumpstart Writing Tool

This useful tool is your partner in writing captivating and riveting content. WriteWell allows you to visually consolidate your document. It manages your research tasks and writing in just a single screen. This free online software offers over a hundred outlines and templates to help you write compelling content.

#9.’s Visual Content Creator

Another factor to make your content appealing is to add visual graphics. will help you develop the perfect image to add to your content. This tool will create striking images, videos, infographics, and presentations that are relevant to your content. Over 1,100 famous brands have worked with this tool for their graphic needs.

#10.’s Appealing Infographics

You have data with you but you have no idea how to present it beautifully? Then is the tool that can help you. It helps you convert the numbers into visually appealing infographics. You can pick among 35 different styles of charts and 100 different styles of maps. It will help you convey better stories instead of just placing boring numbers into your content.

So what did we miss? Is there any tool that helps you write compelling content? Speak your mind here in comments.

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