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10 Sales Tools To Totally Empower Your Sales Team

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Your sales team is the lifeblood of your brand, what keeps it running, what helps it grow. So shouldn’t you be doing everything within your ability to empower them to make those sales? In a world where every startup can become the next big thing, you have to be more competitive, more intense, more prepared. The sales tools to do this are a dime a dozen now.

However, these are ten sales tools that are absolute must-have’s if you really want to drive those profits, and turn your sales team into super sellers.

#1. Salesmate

Salesmate is a highly affordable app with a ton of useful features to empower your sales team.

Are you heading a small team and tired of all the tools that are built with only enterprise service in mind? Salesmate is a tool that is made specifically for little teams that need specialized features to help them improve their sales and drive consistent profits.

You open your pipeline and from their monitor every step so you can see where in the process your team is struggling. Learn the right moves to make those sales. Then improve strategy based on the information gathered through continued use. Best of all, their methodology has been proven time and again to work.

#2. Yotpo

Your sales team’s most powerful tool is user reviews. They can mention them on call as well as use for sales inspiration. User reviews have been proven again and again to be the most efficient buying incentive, so the more reviews you generate, the easier the sales!

Yotpo makes it easy to collect reviews by encouraging users to leave more. It also makes it easy to showcase the reviews on your site. Yotpo has a free WordPress plugin which is very easy to install.


#3. Trello

I am in love with Trello, I can’t hide it. It is another amazing project management tool that lets you do pretty much whatever you want with it. You can create task lists, target lists, prospect ideas, content ideas, marketing collaboration, team feedback… whatever you want.

You just make a tack board, put on your cards, and assign them as needed. My favorite use has been getting ideas from my sales team to implement moving forward. They gave some great ideas that worked for them as individuals, and we made it a part of the team plan. The sale increases have been noticeable, even by the higher ups.


#4. Cyfe

If you are looking for an all in one business platform that actually delivers on the all in one promise (and who isn’t) you need Cyfe. Cyfe is a fantastic dashboard that allows you to create your own customizable widgets as per your needs and specifications.

They handle sales, CRM, support, social, analytics, and a lot more. All from one place, and all based around what your team requires, nothing more and nothing less. Best of all, it is under $20 a month for their premium version. Seriously.


#5. ScanBizCards by CircleBack

There is a good chance your sales team is really sick of business cards. Or at least suffering from business card overload. The last time I went to a three day conference I ended up with almost 200 cards! There was no hope of keeping track. Since then, I have learned my lesson.

ScanBizCards allows you to scan a card into your phone, connect it to contact details, and keep it in an easily maintained and searchable database with plenty of information attached. So business cards are actually useful again, and I am not overwhelmed. Your team needs this, trust me.

ScanBizCards by CircleBack

#6. Steelbrick by Salesforce

Salesforce has really been taking over lately. Not only do they create some awesome tools of their own, but they are well known for buying out awesome startups and adding them to their product line. Steelbrick is one of the latter, a former startup that was purchased and incorporated into Salesforce services.

It is a quote and payment software that makes it easy to send a price estimation, confirm with the client, and get paid through applied billing apps of your choice. It is made to be faster, easier to use, and simpler than other CPQ systems. Plus, it has a contract and proposal generator.


#7. Charlie App

Researching targets before a meeting takes a lot of time and energy. Many salespeople dread it, truth be told.

Charlie App makes it a million times easier. It connects to their social media profiles and curates various details to form a report, complete with a picture, information on their latest social media activity, and personal details you might use to connect.

You will know the second you walk into the meeting who you are speaking to, which is a boon if you are addressing an entire team. I love this one for B2B networking, in particular.

Charlie App

#8. Calendly

No more messing around with your iPhone calendar, or writing down scribbled notes! No more playing phone or email tag with that potential sales target! You just open up Calendly, set the days and times you are available, and link whoever you want.

I originally came across this app through my daughter’s teacher, who uses it to schedule parent/teacher conferences every quarter. It has since become my go to calendar tool. I love the way it will let them pick and schedule their time, then automatically upload it to my calendar. Meetings have never been so easy to make.


#9. KiteDesk

What is the hardest part about making a sale? Finding a good lead. In fact, generating leads may be the most frustrating task that we are forced to do.

KiteDesk is a sales prospecting tool that lets you create strong lists filled with likely leads, not blind ones. And in less time, with less effort, than any other way. They also have a dashboard coming out soon that promises better sales tracking, so we will have to keep an eye out for that. Until then, it is at least worth trying their free trial.


#10. Ringio

When you have a small team, it is difficult to come up with a really good phone system. Which is why so many people end up sticking to email or website sales, cutting out a huge source for potential revenue.

Many customers would prefer the phone experience, especially older customers who have less experience on the web. Ringio is an awesome phone network that gives you a platform for both sales and customer service.


Do you have any sales tools you think belongs on this list? Use something that empowers your sales team? Let us know in the comments!

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