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10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve Your Influencer Marketing

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Most of the brands and businesses today have realized the value of influencer marketing. 71% of marketers believe that influencer marketing has helped them create greater brand awareness. It is considered to be the fastest and most efficient way to acquire customers. Let’s discuss the influencer marketing strategies you must use to achieve your marketing goals.

1.Provide Discount Codes

As a brand you want more and more people to engage and convert. In simple words you want more people to purchase your goods and services. For that, you can collaborate with influencers and provide them discount codes to pass on to their followers. Discounts will help in attracting more people to make the purchase.

2. Create Branded Blog Posts

Branded blog posts are the best way to create awareness about the products and services you are trying to promote. Influencer bloggers who have good readership can help their readers know more about your brand, products and services. 

3. Increase Brand Mentions

The more your brand name is mentioned on social media and blogs, the better it is for the marketing teams who focus on creating visibility and reach. With right tools you can monitor the conversations and know how exactly how your brand is being perceived.

4. Giveaways

Giveaway campaigns attract a lot of attention. Collaborate with influencers for giveaways. It is a great way to increase engagement as people are always interested in winning free goodies.

5. Ambassador Programs

In ambassador programs the brands choose few influencers for long term partnerships. These ambassadors then represent the brands. They propagate and work according to a specific content strategy to achieve specific goals.

6. Plan Events

You can plan events around your products and services. Events work on several fronts. You can invite media to cover the event. You can post the details of events on social media accounts. Influencers you invite for the event can help create the hype around your brand by posting live updates.

7. Takeovers

Takeovers are a good strategy to leverage the followers of the influencer who agrees to take over your official account for a period of time.

8. Guest Posts

To create influence you can post your blog posts as a guest on the sites run by the famous experts. Your guest posts will help you get right attention.

9. Give Products Free For Review

Some influencers review products for their followers. You can send them your products free of cost to them for review. It will increase awareness about the product and the brand.

10. Set up challenges for influencers

When you set up challenges for influencers and they take it up, all of their followers get equally engaged. The activity helps to generate great interest and creates a buzz.

These are the 10 influencer marketing strategies brands can use to reach their goals. The infographic shown below discusses these strategies with examples. Have a look.

 10 Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Knows

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