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10 Psychological Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

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A very common and old saying goes “The more one understands the human mind, the more you’ll be able to persuade your target customers”. Marketing is nothing but all about human psychology. Marketing strategy and consumer psychology concepts are very traditional.

Research highly influences today’s consumers. By the time they reach to your product or services, they’re already far along with the recent market trends. So, in order to succeed, businesses need to empower their audiences with informative knowledge. It is advisable to stop selling, rather focus on helping the customers.

The mind is cognitively biased, so when it comes to customers psychology of purchasing, here are a few best tips that may help your company to improve marketing ability.

#1. Sudden and Unplanned Purchase

Have you ever seen – “Buy it now”, “Shop now”, “Get it today” or “Subscribe now.” These are nothing but lines which may make a sudden and impulsive purchasing decision. The human mind is weird. Such lines may force the customers to buy the product immediately.

In psychological research, the human brain expresses itself in obsessive-compulsive tendencies, flight-or-fight response or certainly at the time of emergencies.

Be Imaginative#2. Be Imaginative rather focusing on Text

It is quite a common fact that the brain mechanizes a visual content faster than simple text. This is because infographics have grown high in recent years. It is always recommended by marketing experts to focus on images. It amplifies your presence and leaves a powerful impact on the users.

Here is an example of a company selling axes and knives. The company has used an extensive, detailed and multi-angled image.

#3. Understand the power of Emotions

Emotions are strong human desires or feelings, focus on building bonds instead of driving sales. These bonds may help your company’s relationship thrive in the long term with the customers, clients or audience. If emotions aren’t involved, it would be difficult to make any business decisions. Positive emotions toward a brand have a larger influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments.

Small Steps results Big Changes#4. Small tactics with Big Results

Well, that’s not enough if a marketer is generating web traffic, and converting website visitors into leads. A successful marketing plan aims to turn leads into sales. These conversions are the direct result of upcoming new trends in social media marketing like guest postings, blogging, commenting, etc. A small change in your headlines can amplify your share counts. Similarly, one can increase its web traffic volumes via PPC.

Skype#5. Consider Blue to gain trust

Color has deep meaning that affects the thinking and rationale of the customers. The choice of color depicts the mood of the person. So it is essential to do proper facebookcolor research and planning before you start marketing.

Color psychology says blue is a color of trust, honesty and symbolizes loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn’t like to make a fuss. It hates
confrontation and likes to do things in its own way. Blue has a calming effect on the psyche. That is the reason some of the world’s leading brands websites are blue.

Similarly, red is considered very strong and noticeable for warnings and attention. Orange is warm and bright and represents fire, fun or tropical images. Green is usually used for safety, money, growth. Likewise, it is important to come up with an all color palette in order to grow.

Dollars#6. Psychology of Pricing

Minimum Cost, maximum revenue, and high profit are the three terms on which a marketing team focuses. Pricing is something practical. One may choose numbers that will pay employee salaries, or maybe they are highly competitive in the market. It is the marketing tactic that can help your business to boost sales volume. When a company thinks about pricing, it needs to focus on more than what will cover your business’s operating expenses and bills. So try to choose numbers that will compel your audiences to buy.

#7. Avoid Friction

Friction is nothing but an equal and vital force; this is the term we have heard from school days. But, it is also important in marketing. For marketers, friction denotes to any variable, website quality, or user behavior trend that is slowing down the progression of your company’s sales cycle. Friction can be one of the top reasons why your website visitors are hesitating from moving through the conversion funnel.

Friction occurs with the web page length. It is directly proportional to the amount of content to be shared. Too much or too little content leads to friction.

Play With Words | Marketing Strategy#8. Play with words

Words can lay the foundation of trust, especially when they are crafted thoughtfully. Here are the five that work well consistently:

  • Authentic – It is considered as a ring of truth and power.
  • Certified -“Certified” brings in some level of endorsement, presumably by a neutral third-party.
  • Guaranteed – “60% of consumers like to purchase a product that is associated with the word ‘guaranteed’.
  • Loyal – Loyalty is seen as a virtue.
  • Official – The word “official” conjures up images of process-oriented offices and dependable people.

#9. Reciprocity

The concept of “reciprocity” is that if anyone does anything for you, you naturally will want to return in kind. In marketing, there are a lot of ways to take advantage of reciprocity. You don’t have to be rolling in dough to give something away. It can be anything from branded jeans to an exclusive eBook or cosmetic products etc.

Online Consumption#10. Online Consumption

The online economy is flooded. There has been a significant growth among companies launching blogs, creating videos and promoting infographics. It is expensive and time-consuming. But it’s worth it. It helps to build a steady audience. It also contributes to identifying precisely the value of content marketing via tools like KISSmetrics and Google Analytics. Content marketing is like a return on investment. This is why it is entirely integrated with user psychology.

All In All!

Customers do not like to lose what they have. So be careful how to play with the client’s psychology. The above-given concepts can play a significant role in marketing your company products or services. Now that you have an understanding of these concepts and how to apply them, it’s your turn.

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