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10 Effective Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic to Your Website

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Social media is one of the best sources of traffic for many blogs and websites today. For some blogs, social media traffic is much more important than search engine traffic. Most bloggers will complain that social medial is over-hyped but this is because they do not structure their social medial marketing efforts to generate more leads. Social media can be your best source of traffic if you keep the following factors in mind.

#1. Gets you search engine ranking

Did you know that if you put in good marketing efforts, your social media profile would probably show up higher in ranking on a search engine before your actual website? If you do not make the most of social media, you may be missing out on great traffic, which could generate sales if you are into e-commerce. Many people will also seek out social media accounts before approaching a website, therefore your branding should be consistent across all these channels.

#2. High conversion keywords

Some keywords will create a bigger buzz on social media than others will. The keywords get more clicks and more exposure. You need to identify them and use them strategically in your social media posts to increase effectiveness and visibility. Some of the high conversion keywords include inspire, deals, discount, tell us, follow, retweet, new blog post, promote, etc.

#3. Use hashtags

Many social media sites today use hashtags and you can use the same hashtags across the different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags make your social media posts visible to more than just your followers. You can use them to reach new audiences, create discussions and trends that you can use for so many purposes.

#4. Use Visual Content

All social media pages support the use of pictures and videos. In fact, social media is designed for visual content by nature. Using images and videos attracts more social media users than simply using blocks of text. You should post images, gif, videos and other types of visual content on your social media timeline regularly. Visual content gives users a better look at the kind of products and services they are likely to find in your business. It will make them dash to your website to see if they can find more on the same.

#5. Short and straight to the point updates

People do not go on social media to read long boring blocks of texts. Platforms such as twitter allows only 140 characters per post. This shows that with social media, you need to be short and straight to the point. The message should be clear and delivered in one or two sentences.

#6. Quality blog content

One of the main reasons why bloggers think that social media is over hyped is because their blog content is not share worthy. Your social media followers are part of your marketing team and through them sharing your posts, you can get even more exposure with their social media friends and followers.

However, users will only share relevant and qualitative blog posts. Highly actionable and interesting content presented in a fun and engaging way often gets the ball rolling. Make sure you use catchy and engaging headlines to get people interested in reading the blogs. Make sure you include sharing options for top social media pages on all your blog posts.

#7. Keep track of social media trends

Keeping track of social media trends is the best way to identify and use top performing content in your posts. Social media is never random or isolated. Users often share common characteristics and interests which create a trend that you can use to appeal to specific audiences. You are not only trying to drive quantity traffic, but also quality traffic that will result in action.

#8. Use employees to promote social media profiles

If you work with other people in your business or company, you can also use their social profiles to promote the business. Your employees can mention the company user names in their bios. Create Facebook fan pages for employees to join since they are more likely to give you more likes than people who do not know about the company. Using employees to promote social media profiles can increase the number of people who visit the website from social media pages.

#9. Social media influencers

Social media has given people a strong authoritative voice which you can use to build interest in your website. Some social media gurus dedicate their pages to give critiques on different apps, restaurants and company products. These influencers often have thousands of followers on social media pages that rely on them as a reliable source of information regarding various products and services. You can interview influencers from your niche and get their feedback to publish in a blog. You can also request them to give reviews on your products and services with links to the website included in the post.

#10. Create posts according to buyer persona

There is such a wide array of social media platform each with something different to offer. Your Facebook posts may not generate the same leads as your tweets. You need to find where your followers are and create interest based on the design of that platform:-

  • If you want to delve into business and business matters, then LinkedIn is the place to go.
  • If you want to share pictures of the results of your products or services, use Instagram, Pintrest and Facebook.
  • Tweets and Facebook posts are the best ways to share links and start a trending topic or discussion.

The key is targeting every social media page in a specialized way rather than creating a post and sharing it in the same format across all social media pages.


Driving traffic to your website from social media pages requires you to tweak your social media posts and adjust your website or blog accordingly. It also helps to keep an eye to social media statistics to determine if your content is performing well or whether you need to go back to the drawing boards. A right combination of social media monitoring and using this information to create more engagement is the best way to drive quality and quantity traffic.

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